Monday, March 16, 2015


The welcome night for the wedding weekend was pretty fun in Nashville, or Nashvegas as the folks call it down there.

Seeing Ali so happy was the best part. 

They had a welcome game night and I pulled out Heads Up because it is my all time favorite game.

I love that we have such a big family and that it is getting larger by the minute. We don't get to visit with them nearly enough.

I have 10 nieces and nephews through my Collins clan fam. We have another wedding in June too.

The cheese dip made it.

My darling Jane rocked her I-don't-even-know-what-these-are-called-short-shorts to head out on the town for a little dueling pianos.

The Big Bang was really hilarious and fun. These guys were talented and we lucked out getting lots of seats together in the back.

You can put a tip with your request to get your song played quicker. The Michigan fight song was a request from my sister Patti. They played it and of course there were Ohio State fans as part of our group and in the crowd. It was awesome. One of my favorite stories is that Ali was babysitting friends from Columbus, huge Buckeye fans, and took pictures of their kid in maize and blue. Love. It!

Ali's friends tipped the guys to embarrass the couple and bring them up on stage.

Poor Matt. He was mortified while Ali looked like she was born on stage!

Perfect Ying and Yang couple.

We ended up eating with this group of Matt and Ali's friends at the wedding. We had the most wonderful conversation and met the nicest, most interested people. I love when that happens at a wedding.

We snagged great seats at Merchant's on the Second Floor, on Valentine's Day mind you, next door to the piano bar after the show. 

They had an iPad with the history of the building and wine list. 

Old Fashioned made with smoked sorghum. 

Tuna Tartare

Crab hush-puppies.

We loved our first night in Nashville, seeing family and feeling like tourists. 

More soon Ali!

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