Friday, March 27, 2015

Nashville Train

I said it was cold. Chilly, chilly, cold, cold, cold. So cold an angel lost their wings.

But we had to explore this city.

Iron bridges, sweet tea and the sound of the train always roots me immediately to the south. Sometime torturous at night, but still, that sound grounds me to the red clay as deep as the smoky smell of bbq.

When we saw a train "a comin'" I asked E to pull over to watch the gallery of grafitti pass us. We could have easily turned around, gone over a bridge to visit another coffee shop. But this morning, we stopped and watched the train.

Nashville's skyline in the background.

Beavis and Butthead

We can hear the train a mile away at Penn Station in Baltimore. I work at the historic B&O Railroad office building in Baltimore. One of my favorite exhibits is watching the trains at the B&O Railroad museum, specifically the one with the model train inside the train. Click here for my post. When you think about the invention of the train, it really changed everything. Not only how we traveled back during the last turn of the century, but how we ate, where we could get our food from, etc. Chinese spices could now make there way to middle America. This invention is still relatively the same. If only the schedules worked as well as they do in France and Europe. 

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