Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas Recap 2011

We had the most wonderful Christmas in Michigan. My godmother Mary T. drove with us all 11 hours to and from my mother's house. We stayed at Baby Nephew's house three blocks from Mom. My gorgeous grandmother flew all by herself from Memphis to be with us and of course Dad joined us for the festivities. Andrew looks so grown up in this photo but he is just one year old.

Baby Nephew was baptized at home that weekend. Eric and I are thrilled to be his godparents!

Eric and I are thrilled to be his godparents!

The precious lamb went straight from my mother's diamond cross. He's brilliant, I'm telling you.

My fairy godmother.

This was the first year in all my days that we waited until after 1pm to open our prizes. Saint Andrew needed to take a nap so we enjoyed a leisurely morning with ham and Sister Schubert rolls.

The first photo above was taken with a tripod and timer. I loved this shot I caught of  Daddy, E and Mary Frances staging the shot. I realized later that something was fogging up my lens so Francie looks more angelic than usual. I'm sure my Dad said something hilarious which is par for the course.

Once Baby Nephew arrived, the prizes were opened, the roast beast devoured and I finally got some quiet time with him. We gave him that cute little sweater. My brother wouldn't be caught dead letting him wear a smocked outfit, which breaks my heart, so we prepped him up with a little polo! He is truly the most laid back little guy. We just talked and talked for twenty minutes about trains, cars and my necklace. Elise caught us in this precious moment and I will cherish this photo forever.

Blessings and thanks to my sweet family for their incredible generosity, love for us and to Mac and Elise for asking us to be godparents. We are truly honored. 


JMW said...

That last photo is just precious - you ought to have a print made and frame it. And, I really liked your previous post about the house blessing. That's so wonderful. Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful holiday!!!!! xoxo

Clare Christine said...

It looks like you had a wonderful holiday, so much joy in all of the photos! It is such an honor to be god mother and I know you will do a wonderful job :) I just happened upon your blog today and it is darling, so happy I found the site. I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week!!
Twirling Clare

pve design said...

I always feel that you are full of gratitude - in each and every post!