Wednesday, January 11, 2012

TenTen's Derby Hat Cocktail

I attended a very fun networking event before Christmas at the new TenTen on Bagby Row in Harbor East. Recognizing the bartender from Ixia, B&O Brasserie and Chazz I knew I could trust him to make me something wild and wonderful. He suggested the Derby Hat.

Derby Hat, Bourbon, Sweet Vermouth, Buckwheat Honey, Grapefruit and a little entertainment on the side. I've always wanted to try this lighting-of-the-orange-peel trick. He's releasing the essence oil out of the skin of the orange and lighting it on fire. It smelled like Christmas.

The drink was delicious. Not too sweet with a tangy tartness from the grapefruit juice mellowed by the bourbon. The bar is lit from below and cast a beautiful glow on my new friends and conversation.

I ordered the duck fat fries for a nosh that came with a chive creme fraiche and truffle aioli. Need I say more? They were decadent.

It was wonderful visiting with a friend that I met four year ago in the bathroom at Ixia on Valentine's Day at this happy hour. Yes, I'm one of those people who meets people in bathrooms, stays in touch via Facebook and will attend events if invited. I am TOTALLY becoming my mother. Lisa (@lisaatVerb), it was so wonderful seeing you after all these years of Tweets back and forth! Thanks again for the invite.

I met another friend from Twitter in real life @hollisthomases who ordered the scallops and beet salad. Looked delicious! E. and I tried to go there after seeing a movie this weekend and it was PACKED. I suggest making reservations or going after the big 8pm crunch on a weekend. The space is small and charming with casual four tops in the bar with high bar stools and regular booth seating in the main dining room. The space has a nice rustic feel with exposed rafters. I look forward to visiting again soon for dinner.


JMW said...

Okay, this Kentucky gal NEEDS to try the Derby Hat drink. That sounds fabulous!! I may have to learn to make that, sans flaming orange peel, for our next party.

Anonymous said...

Nelle, it was just wonderful seeing you again as well -- and we made it outside the restroom! You are as lovely as your blog writing and I hope for many more 'meets & greets' in 2012. Thank you for the shout-out! Lisa

melissa said...

The drink - and the fries - sound divine!

annechovie said...

Those fries look amazing, Nelle! xo