Friday, September 23, 2011


Driving to DC or Virginia from Baltimore can be such a chore. This 33 mile jaunt can some times take an hour and a half or more with traffic. I couldn't for the life of me figure out what was taking so long on the DC Beltway as I didn't see an accident warning.  After a crest in the road I finally realized it was the SUNSET.

Literally the sun setting was blinding the outer loop drivers to a screeching halt. 

I would have been okay with this if it weren't for a very important going away party I was now late for due to the sun.

Then I saw this glorious site. I gasped for air and was so thankful I had my camera at the ready. God was delaying me. Slowing me down to bid farewell to one of my closest friends of all time. 

Were other drivers doing the same thing...taking photos of the Mormon Temple sunset?

It was a breath taking sunset and I know my Momma will be so proud of me. She is the sunset queen.

Traffic let up the minute the sun went down.

Thank the heavenly sunset I made it in time to kiss the squeaky clean Bird before going night night.

DC's most patriotic couple is heading to the Best (Left) Coast! It's beyond difficult to even cuss and discuss this loss of proximity to our pals.

McCall and Tyson are leaving for Southern California to rear the Bird closer to their families. They are both from California. We are so thrilled for them. But what will I do without my bestie who invented Diva Doubles, Diva Dinners and is Smart and Glamorous and Knows All of the Answers?  Sadness.

The buffet was decked in Red, White and Blue.

McCall was the hostess with the mostess looking smashingly June Cleaver'esque in her black cocktail dress and bow headband.

The food was even Star Spangled.

Beach house pals we've know for over 13 years were in tow telling very funny stories.

There are not enough words to explain this photo. Just know this old friend was wearing his baby spit up as a badge of honor on his cashmere sweater.

I donned my most favorite martini glass GTH pants and posed with my Dewey Beach Babes. There were 32 of us in the house on McKinnley a jillion years ago. A few of us were there to represent for the going away party.

Our other very dear DC friends, Kristen and Tom, came to The Party in Kalamazoo (our wedding). Kristen and McCall went to college together in Cali.

Some of McCall's oldest Capitol Hill friends came to kiss them goodbye as well.

As DC is one of the most transient cities in all of the Union, McCall would always buy a photo book for going away parties. I carried on her tradition and got one for this very special going away party. Sigh. 

She has names for everything and KNH and I couldn't remember the nickname for her first apartment. It could have been any of the following; McMinny Apt, McCottage, McCapitol Chambers...but alas, we all McForgot the name.

Bryn was reading her husband Charlie's hilarious comment about how he was glad they were leaving. Which is a lie. None of us are happy they are leaving. We are all weeping ourselves to sleep as of late.

Her husband Charlie was even close to jumping into the pool in protest. If you remember from my earlier post this year McCall and Tyson JUST purchased this six months ago. They close next week. God opened every imaginable door for them to move and took care of business FAST. 

Despite the reason for the gathering we all managed to pull it together and have a good time. There was a crispness to the night and we could tell that fall was nipping at our heels.

Tyson had a few friends show up from the Marine Corps. He has a BRONZE STAR and is a real live American hero. In the six months they've lived in Great Falls they have already befriended great neighbors. We will all miss this house and this hood, the yard and the pool. God's lighthouse was the nickname for this bad boy. Shining light on all who enter, truly.

Charlie went to check on the Bird who he heard on the baby monitor.

The Bird was fast asleep.

This gal pal is like a sister to me. We were in each others weddings and we just love each other to pieces. I'm in complete denial that they are really leaving and burst into tears upon arrival the night of the party. Thank heavens I was the first to arrive and could buck up for the party. 

Avery's, what can we say? We are so happy that the Bird will be able to grow up going to yoga with Pooty and learn how to play tennis from Caren Cam. We are thrilled she'll be able to know her cousins, hang with Kevin from Heaven, Aunt Cheetah and learn all about the family wine business. Tyson, we couldn't be happier that you'll be able to catch waves on your lunch break in the Pacific. McCollege, I'm just going to miss hugging your face so much but can't wait for our SoCal vacays and long walks on the beaches with you. We love you and wish you the most peaceful move ever. God bless you friends!


Cozy in Texas said...

I stopped by your blog today.

Tiffany from HOLIDAY said...

I will never forget the first time I saw that temple - it's really a bizarre experience if you don't know about it. But the sunset pics are amazing!