Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bird, Bird, Bird...Bird is the word.

Uncle Charlie and I got to visit with some of our darling friends in Virginia a few weekends ago. Our bridesmaid McCall and her hubby Tyson invited us for a slumber party at their new home. We were so excited to visit with their daughter Birdy before she hit the sack.

She is the most precious little angel. Full of personality.

We had a fun little visit with books.

And a photo shoot.

She smiles ALL the time. Happiest little girl I've ever met! Seriously.

They are selling their other home and needed the furniture to stage the place. They just sold this week! Too bad. The living room is way fun sans furniture. Many a dance party USA could happen sans furniture.

I've never seen a Daddy more smitten than Tyson with his little Birdy.

McCall and I have known each other for the better part of 13 years. We missed each other by a semester at American University in DC. We were in a beach house in Dewey together and were always the last ones to leave the beach.  She is the most faithful woman and is always upbeat and positive. We prayed for each other to find good Christian husbands and both found our guys within months of each other. I love you sweet McKayla!

TyBeau, fiance, husband is the best dad and a hero! He has a bronze star from the Marine Corps. I feel so blessed that Eric and Tyson love each other too. It's amazing when your friend's husband ends up taking care of your in-laws at your own wedding. Tyson gets the gold star in my book. You rock my friend.

He knows how to make little Birdy squeal with laughter.

She had a little stranger danger with her Uncle Charlie.

But quickly warmed up to my sweet man.


It makes my hear just melt seeing E. hold a baby.

He's always worried he's going to drop or somehow break a baby. He got the hang of it quickly. I'll never forget him holding our friend Nicoletti's day old baby Kate at the hospital.

McCall and Tyson have just purchased a new place and it truly is a Lighthouse to the Lord. We watched the sun set, had dinner and later went out and looked at the stars with the IPad Stargazer aplication. Amazing. It was so quiet and so wonderful just to be outside, sipping wine with old friends.

We got to see all of the Bird's tricks before she went up to her nest for night, night. Clapping was a good one.

The best trick hands down was her night night opened mouth kisses. E. had to prepare himself for these. I've never laughed so hard and even now am cracking up laughing just typing as I remember this very moment.

Oh. My. Gosh. Is that not the funniest thing you have ever seen in your life? I can't wait to show this to little Birdy when she is older. Makes my heart happy.

Thank you for your wonderful hospitality McCall, Tyson and Birdy. We can't wait to come out and see you garden grow and hang by the pool! We love you guys so much. Amen!


Grove Gals said...

such a SMALL world, they belong to ANCC with us and are friends with our friends the baisley's!

Tiffany from HOLIDAY said...

A few things...

Those eyes, those eyes, those eyes!!!!

Loved the story about washing the stroke victim's hands. That was a heart-touching story.

And your 5 spice chicken dish looked delish! I joined Weight Watchers in preperation of my reunion, lost about 12 lbs but have more to go and have found it difficult to get back on the wagon. I so want Chinese or Thai now that I've caught up on your posts. I forgive you :) xo