Thursday, September 15, 2011

Baltimore Sun Tweet Up

A few work pals and I went to happy hour at Kona Grill before heading to the Baltimore Sun "Tweet" Up last night.

The five dollar frozen margarita's were delicious. After two Tom and I headed over to the B&O Brasserie.

What is a Tweet Up? It's a way for people on Twitter to meet in person. Kind of scary actually. But it was a lot more fun than I expected. The Sun created a #suntweetup hashtag (#) so that guests could live Tweet. They were streaming in the bar. It was hilarious! I checked in on Foursquare and scored the mayor title at B&O Brasserie. Don't know what the mayor gets. I forgot to ask. But there are many places that give you a free drink, a free rice crispy treat, or a discount when you "check in" on Foursquare. It's like a grown up social networking game. I love seeing where @summerisaverb checks in. Mostly beaches! How great is that?

Kate met her boyfriend, my coworker Tom, on Twitter. It's Tom's fault I know how to Tweet or check in to Foursquare. He taught me all there is to know about social media. You can thank him or curse him, but he gets the credit.

I met a friend of a friend. When you checked into the party they gave you a ticket for a glass of champagne. Delish...after the marg's...not such a good idea.

I met folks I've been "following" for a while; @roswellencina,  and the ever stunning @katekatebear.

Do you remember the Mobbies from last year? The Sun was creating buzz about the contest at the event. Maybe Stone Hill Farm will be nominated again for the "best personal blog". I still don't know who nominated it but was tickled since the blog was only 2 months old during the contest last year. EAS won for Best Popular Culture Blog. I'm a huge fan of "Let the Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore" and am an over commenter on her blog. Do they have an Over Commenting Anonymous (OCA) yet? Seriously. I may have admitted to having the cocktail flu today on her site. Marg's and champagne are not a good mix for the record.

I love the bar at the B&O and took this photo before I realized it was @sushgirl in real life! We've been Tweeting for two years now and finally got to meet. So much fun and again Lisa so nice to meet you!

@citythatbreeds was hilarious in real life. His blog is seriously funny, crass but seriously funny. Anyone who comes up with a Cosby Sweater Bar Crawl is good in my book. Twitter handles are so clever, why not use them in real life? Kate is certainly KateKate to all who adore her and I've met people who now call me Baltiville. I thank @Baltomoto for my name as she inspired the Balt-whatever handles for folks in our office.

The highlight for me was meeting the famed crime blogger @Justin_Fenton. I sometimes like to be in the dark about crime in Baltimore, hence the recent unfollow. Nothing personal man. It was great to meet you.  Now if only I could meet @gorelickingood, my Twitter web would be complete.

My darling husband called from DC at 7:40 saying he'd meet me at B&O in an hour. An hour and a half later he showed up. He was so late that the party had already ended downstairs. But a great group decided to stick around for dinner. I had the crab and tomato salad with tomato sorbet. The sorbet was a delightful, cold, savory bite with a hint of sweetness.

The crab salad was laced with fennel, my fave.

Roasted Chicken

My husband got the shrimp and grits and his 6'4" self was a little disappointed in the portion size. 

Tom was hungry too.

Good defense KateKate. 

My husband is real, not Snuffy. The proof is in this shot of his drink of choice. He and Jordan both went to UNC. It was fun overhearing their convo about all things Chapel Hill.

We got to bed very, very late. It was worth it to meet so many interesting people and rally for a midnight meal with my Charlie. 

Thanks FrontRowe for introducing me to the wide world of the Twitterverse. Kate, we do have to go Kate Spade shopping stat. Roswell and Jordan so fun to get to know you a tiny bit better at dinner. Tweet ya later. (Yes, I am as cheesy in real life as I am in this blog.) Kasia, thank you again for teaching me how to eat a balanced diet. Looking back at my B&O birthday dinner post reminds me of how sad and overweight I was last year! Charlie, thank you for driving like a bat out of hell to get to dinner on time. I love you.


Pigtown-Design said...

sounds like a ball!

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

Your comment on my 3 Things post was too funny and now I see the fully story!!! Aww thanks for the shout out...the Mobbies win was exciting and totally unexpected! I love all of your comments...keep um coming. I know what you mean about the small portions...the moment JCW’s plate hits the table and it’s small I know he will never go back to that restaurant and we will be getting second dinner! TGIF

An Eye for Detail said...

He went to UNC? oh wow, we've become HUGE fans now that we're down here. You must stop by when you're down here some time!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, I just stumbled upon your blog and it is making me miss miss miss Baltimore! Your pictures are a riot and the food looks amazing, just like I remembered it!

annechovie said...

The food looks amazing and so do you Nelle! xo

Beth Dunn said...

Looks like so much fun!