Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sweet Caroline

Last weekend we were in my hometown of Kalamazoo, Michigan for a very special wedding. My sweet Caroline from this post got married! I was her baby sitter when her beautiful Momma was preggers with her. I've loved watching her grow up and find the man of her dreams.

During the luncheon Caroline's aunt sent me this photo from the morning after the engagement back in December. She stumbled upon it while walking the following morning. Sorry it is sideways, but you get the idea. This was Dave's handiwork. Shortly after we saw them Dave had help from a few folks to set this up at the country club. He asked Caroline to go for a walk on Christmas Eve after church. Of course she was game and the rest is history. I love that we were there the DAY they got engaged.

It was so fun seeing Little Morgan VanderCuteness. These precious girls were besties and lived next door to each other. I lived one block away and could pop over to babysit at the drop of a hat. Craziest story is that MY Momma was Morgan's babysitter in MEMPHIS! If that isn't the wildest small world story ever.

Caroline had three bridesmaids; Morgan, Dave's sister Karen and my other precious girl, Liney's sister Jessica. Oh how I love these girls. I've told them often that they were my experience in motherhood oh so many years ago. They are my spiritual children. Their 6'6" "little" brother Andrew is another one of my babes. I loved them like my own and remember listening to Andrew breath in his crib to make sure he was still ALIVE. I took my job very seriously. Sure there were other families that I worked for but Sarah trusted me to stay with them when she and Craig would go on weekend trips. We always had the best time and they are very special to me. I was there the day a swarm of bees decided to descend their chimney with brand new baby Andrew. It was terrifying. Now it is hysterical. 

Sarah is the most wonderful mother and has the best taste of any person I've ever met in real life. She's not only stylish but a huge role model for me and a devoted Christian. I only pray I could be half the mother she has been and supportive wife. I love you Sarah! Someone at our wedding asked, "Who is that gorgeous Jackie O?" 

I have so many memories of the Liner and many have to do with music. She loved to sing when she was little. I would teach her little French songs that she begged me to sing when I'd come over. And any time I hear the song Sweet Pea it takes me back to the KCC pool and Caroline dancing in her little swim suit. If only you could be in my brain right now, she was the most precious little lady. The luncheon was at the Kalamazoo Country Club, hosted by her beautiful grandmother. I grew up in Nana's backyard. 

Nana and Liney welcomed another dear friend of mine from Kazoo, another sweet Sarah. She is the mother of FIVE who I lovingly call the J.Crew. We wore matching Tori Burch flats to the luncheon. Great minds think alike. Love you too Sarah!

The luncheon was wonderful and since Liney is a fan of this blog I had to take photos of the meal. 

The sweet red onions and candied pecans were perfect over this delicious butter lettuce salad and light buttermilk dressing.

Liney's grandmother's were both in attendance.

I was happy to meet David's grandmother as well. I can't believe I didn't get a shot of his cute mother Kathy. I LOVED meeting her and was so lucky to be seated next to her. Mom, if you are reading, you and Kathy have worked together for years. Another small world scenario when it comes to my Momma. She has a two degrees of separation game.

I met Karen at Jess's wedding. We were on the dance floor together and became friends on Facebook. I was so tickled to put two and two together and realized she was going to be Caroline's sister-in-law! They have all known each other for years and years. It's a true love story that Caroline and Dave are together. 

We had a gorgeous chicken crepe with wild rice for the entree. Beautiful menu choice Joyce.

The strawberry sorbet was a light finish to the meal. Morgan's mom Patty and Sarah's sister Jane are in the background. As Liney's Aunt Dede said so well, I made it to the Mom's table! 

Her colors were green and white for the wedding flowers and table decor. I can't wait to show off wedding photos soon. It was incredible!!!

Patty gave the bride a Barbie just for fun. This led to many more stories about the little girls.

Jess told hilarious stories about her hair cut, Caroline's hair cut and Morgan's perfect bob. No joke, that child had the most perfect hair!

Jessie may have even mentioned the fact that she wouldn't let the little girls into her secret playroom. 


My little Sweet Pea is all grown up! Oh and there is cute Kathy in the background. I am so proud of the woman you've become Caroline. We love Dave and had the best time at the wedding, only wish is that we could have stayed longer to dance our feet off. As a gift to my husband I left my camera in the car so we could enjoy the evening together. Wouldn't you know he talked to the fellas at Table 11 all night long! So my wedding photos are a little lacking and can't wait to see what your great photographer snapped. Hope you are having a blast in Hawaii. We will be back for Christmas and look forward to seeing you all soon. Do you remember that you gave me a Christmas ornament with your precious school picture from about 1st or 2nd grade? I still have it. Love you sweet girl!!!


annaliese said...

Great to see pictures from the luncheon! Thanks for sharing, Nelle!

Nelle Somerville said...

You were missed Annaliese!