Sunday, April 3, 2011


I was fortunate enough to attend a luncheon at Baltimore's beloved Charleston last weekend.

E. brought me here for my very first birthday in Baltimore in February 2008. We had a five course meal with wine pairing during truffle week. Strangely enough I don't remember the specifics of the meal, but I remember the atmosphere and impeccable service. Owners, Tony Foreman sent us champagne and Chef Cindy Wolf came and spoke to us for a generous ten minutes. I was blown away by the interior design of Patrick Sutton. Frankly, I couldn't believe such an elegant restaurant existed in Baltimore. I was so naive back then, having only been here for two months. Much did I learn about the culinary prowess of Baltimore that evening and the following months. This town has amazing restaurants. Many are owned by Tony Foreman and Cindy Wolf, or the Wolf Foreman group. I think they should have combined the names and called their company Wolfman. :)

The light during the day was brilliant and the rooms were stunning.

The blue sky reflected off of every object.

The restaurant is tucked away on a corner in the tony Harbor East neighborhood. It is across the street from another Foreman Wolf property, Cinghiale, and has a lovely view of the Inner Harbor. They are no longer opened for lunch but will open for private events.

Guests are allowed to come and view the open kitchen which is run as tight as a ship.

I covet these copper pots.

I look forward to going back with Eric and having a martini at the bar.

The dining room is magnificent. I love the simple gold and red edged china.

This is a restaurant that reminds me of our honeymoon at the Grand Hotel. You get dressed to have dinner here. You wear a cocktail dress and your diamonds. Go here for a romantic evening and just enjoy as the meticulous staff caterers to your every need. If you have a question about wine, the sommelier can nearly tell you the row from which the grapes were plucked. Tony Foreman and Robert M Parker Jr. are besties so the wine list is to die for fabulous at Charleston, Pazo, Petite Louis and Cinghaile.

The meal was light and perfect for lunch.

The bread is baked daily. We were offered corn bread, raisin fennel or a French roll.

The artichoke soup would have made David Tanis cry it was so good.

I opted for the lobster Cobb salad that was served with a quenelle of saffron mayonnaise.

Chef Wolf came and spoke to our group about the vision of the restaurant and the Foreman Wolf owned restaurants and wine shops.

I had to take a photo of the flourless chocolate cake with pistachio ice cream. Isn't it beautiful?

My fruit plate was delicious.

Back in December while shopping for last minute prizes I stumbled upon the famous restaurant interior designer Patrick Sutton's new shop Home. The floors are polished cement and the space has a great unfinished quality to it with exposed lighting fixtures and high ceilings.

There are original works on paper and anything your design hungry self would desire.

He even has a nice selection of glassware and stationery.

I am in the business of place cards and nearly picked up this box of one hundred cards, but alas they didn't take my corporate Amex. 

I'm a huge geek for Molton Brown and spotted their signature bottles on the shelves. I made sure we had Molton Brown in the powder rooms at our wedding reception site. Simply love them.

There are also lovely soaps for sale.

It's a gorgeous shop and a nice addition to Harbor East.

If you haven't been to Baltimore lately you should come and see the treasures that await you in Harbor East. I truly believe we have some of the finest restaurants in the world. Little did I know in 2008. Thank you Chef Wolf for such a gorgeous meal.


JMW said...

Charleston is certainly a feast for the eyes, so I can only imagine the taste! And, I love those leather chairs toward the end of the post - gorgeous!

erin @ oliveourhouse said...

the grand hotel on mackinac island? we had a family reunion there a while back and it was beautiful. i would love to get back there someday!

Nelle Somerville said...

The one and only on Mackinac Island. We had the most wonderful six days there for our honeymoon! I'd love to go there for a family reunion too. We met people who had been married for 70 years that went on their honeymoon at the GH and brought their whole family to celebrate. Amazing!

annechovie said...

Nelle, thank you for sharing some great spots there in Baltimore! My dad spent several of his growing up years there and took us back to visit when we were kids. The family who had bought his childhood home on Blythewood Drive let us in for a tour. I have some great memories. Have a terrific week! xo

Nelle Somerville said...

You have to come back Anne! I would love to meet you.:) Have a great day.