Saturday, April 2, 2011

Eat Your Books and Mango Celebrations

E. brought a few mangoes home last week. I was dismayed. He purchased four. I wasn't sure what to do with them. I sliced into one and was absolutely floored by how perfectly ripe it was.

Last week I saw people talking about Champagne Mangoes on Twitter in celebration and revelry. This week when I went shopping I bought a case of this heavenly fruit. I had a mango eating party in my office with a colleague who had never had a fresh mango and celebrated. We burst into fits of laughter. They are super fun to eat. Here is how.

There is a fibrous core in the lower middle section of a mango. Slice down one side of the mango, not directly center so you miss this tough section.

Did you know that the mango inspired the paisley design?

Take a sharp knife and slice lines carefully to the skin side of the mango without cutting through the skins.

Turn and cut across making a grid.

Cut down the other side and repeat.

Use your hand and push up the little cubes of golden goodness from the skin side so it looks like these photos. Bite off each cube and giggle.

What do you do with a case of mangoes? Good question. I was just having a conversation about a new site called Eat Your Books last week with my former colleague Camilla at Restaurant Nora. Some of you know I have a great love for cookbooks and a little collection. This website allows you to register the cookbooks you own for a small monthly fee. You can log five books for free. I recently posted that I'm a huge Ina Garten fan. My issue is I can't remember what book I found the chicken chili recipe in and end up pulling out all of Ina's books having to dig through the indexes. This site is a life saver. You enter "chicken chili" and it tells you it is from Barefoot Contessa Parties! I was so excited that I Tweeted about @EatYourBooks.

 Nelle Somerville 
Calling all cookbook collectors, just found Eat Your Books You can log in all of your books and search recipes.

This Tweet was then reTweeted (RT) by a few people. I received a very nice email from the co-creator of Eat Your Books, Jane, thanking me for my Tweet. She offered me a lifetime membership to the site as a thank you! I was so tickled and suggested it would be a great gift for one of my lucky readers. She agreed. So one of you will also get a lifetime membership to Eat Your Books! This is why I'm such a fan of Twitter. You can really connect with the products and people you adore.

So what do you do with a case of mangoes? I have registerd 55 of my cookbooks so far with Eat Your Books. When I entered "mango" 75 recipes popped up. The recipes weren't listed, but the ingredients were. So looking at a few recipes names, and gathering those books I came up with this simple recipe on my own, Mango and Avacado Salad.  I will also try to make Ina's Mango Salsa, Martha's Mango sauce, Ruth's Mango fool and on and on it goes.

This mango salad was just a combination of mango, lime juice and avocado mixed together with black pepper on a bed of lettuce. Flip your mango cubes out and then slice them as close to the skin as possible. Squeeze half a lime, add an avocado (cut the same way), mix and yum.

Add the mixture on to a bed of lettuce and you have a pretty healthy salad.

In honor of my new found favorite site and seeing Nora last week as a special bonus I'd like to also give away a signed copy of Nora's cousin Sylvia Main's new cookbook called Fabulous Fairholme.

The book features Breakfasts and Brunches and the photography and recipes are beautiful, yet simple.

These egg blossoms look delicious even though my husband (Charlie, E., E-Boogie) doesn't like a runny egg yoke.

To enter the first ever Stone Hill Farm giveaway please do the following:
1. Follow this blog 
2. Please suggest a (Follow Friday) #FF for @EatYourBooks on Twitter
3. Follow me and E. on Twitter @Baltiville @MrBaltiville
4. Post a comment on this blog telling me how you entered and I will randomly select a winner.

The lucky winner will get a Lifetime Membership to Eat Your Books and a copy of Fabulous Fairholme. The winner must be a U.S. resident to win. Please enter by Saturday, April 8, 2011 and I'll announce the winner shortly after.

Thank you again to Jane at Eat Your Books for my lifetime membership and the extra membership for one of my lucky readers. Now I'm off to juice some mangoes.


Sarah Stanley said...

I'm so glad to see your mango affection! I love your pictures that you took of how to cut a mango. People can get confused on how to eat one :)

Cheers to the mango!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely adore mangoes, but have always had such a hard time cutting them up! There is a store near my Mother, outside of Boston, that has the ripest, sweetest mangoes all cut up in a container! Love it.

Maggie said...

Eat Your Books is such a fabulous idea. I work from home right now, but before doing so I'd sit in my office all day when I normally meal-plan just wishing I had a way to access all those recipes sitting on my shelf at home!

I entered via a blog follow and following you and the Mr. on Twitter... and would be happy to give @eatyourbooks a shoutout this Friday!