Saturday, March 5, 2011


It was great having Daddy in town for lots of reasons, but most of all because I had great company while E. was working late on Monday. After the quick visit with Janelle's family I headed to Cinghiale to meet him and Adam for dinner.

E. and I love pulling up at the bar at Cinghiale. They truly have the greatest wine list, most knowledgeable staff and delicious Italian cuisine. I knew Dad would just adore it.

I started off with the most simple arugula salad with lemon vinaigrette, pears and pecorino cheese.

Dad and Adam got the prix fix three course meal for $29. They started with the antipasti.

There is an antipasti station where you can see all the cured meats and ask the expert advice on what to choose.

We had a long discussion about the cheeses. I love finishing a meal with cheese.

The focacia bread is seasoned with rosemary and sea salt. I could make a meal out of just the bread, cheese and cured meats. All the bread is made fresh daily.

They also served the darkest, most nutty olive oil. 

Dad ordered the veal lasagna. Oh my gosh in heaven. It was sinful. So rich and decadent.

Adam ordered the pork stuffed ravioli with sage brown butter sauce. It was like eating Thanksgiving stuffing in a pasta pillow. Absolutely delicious.

I ordered a half portion of the goat cheese coin pasta. It was light and perfect after all the feasting of the weekend. I love a restaurant that lets you order half portions.

Dad snuck out for a smoke before dessert. 

I know I shouldn't encourage smoking but I love the smell of tobacco and seeing Daddy smoke his pipe. Just the smell of a pipe reminds me of my Dad.

I asked for a plate of biscotti for my dessert. They sent ginger/cinnamon and chocolate almond cookies that evening. 

Adam got the pound cake with Lemon Sorbet. 

Dad ordered the chocolate flan.

I come by my love of dark chocolate naturally. This flan was so dark and ominous. The chocolate tuille was outstanding and Dad was very happy. Dad and I met up in Paris when I was in high school and still talk about the chocolate cake we had a the Palais Royale. That one meal probably spoiled me for life!

We had the greatest time visiting with you Daddy. Adam, thanks for helping drive all the way from the Zoo. Thanks for your generosity spoiling us at so many of our favorite Baltimore restaurants. And thanks for that wonderful meal oh so long ago in Paris. Such fun memories. Love you so much!!!


Worthington said...

Love the food pictures. I think I need to go back again soon!

Pigtown-Design said...

haven't been there yet, but have been to pazo and petit louis. i grew up with tony foreman.

Nelle Somerville said...

Meg, I can't believe you haven't been. We should meet at the bar soon for a drink.

Thanks Whitney! So fun Tweeting with you. :)

Tiffany from HOLIDAY said...

I should never read your blog while hungry! You always post the yummiest pics. I love those plates, too. What a nice time w/ your dad! xo

Anonymous said...

Oh Nelle, that chocolate flan! To die they say. Loved seeing your pictures with your Dad!