Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tranquil Tuesday: Possibilities, New Beginnings, Movement

When E-Boogie and I first started dating I lived at The Nook in Dupont Circle and he was just up the hill in Adams-Morgan. We had very hectic schedules. At one point we came up with a plan to unplug. We fondly named it Tranquil Tuesday. We unplugged. No TV. No cell phones. No computers. We ignored the home phones. It was glorious. Everything could wait for one day. We would read and just be quiet together.

I encourage you all to take a just one night off from everything and be quiet. Read. Paint. Sing. Dance. Enjoy the quiet. Journal. Skip your blogs. Turn off Twitter. Ignore Facebook requests. Do yoga. Remember to thank God for your blessings and just enjoy the night.

I need this reminder so much this week. Over the weekend I spent as much time in the garden as possible. Cleaning up. Getting rid of the spent plants from last season. Pulling up weeds. Flipping soil. Digging out the ornamental plum that I killed accidentally and seeing the miracle of rebirth in the buds on the trees that survived our harsh Thundersnows and dark winter. This cleansing is needed more than you can imagine. I feel like my body also needs a cleansing. I've been over served lately. Not with alcohol but just abundantly good food. It is time for a cleanse. Not sure which one yet but as I work on the yard I also want to work on my soul, mind and body. Spring is a time of new beginnings, movement and possibilities. Oh yes. I need this.


Ella said...

You are so wise and I remember when I asked you about your Tranquil Tuesday but now I've really understand what you mean. I also feel that spring is a time for new possibilities even if it will take some weeks before we can do the gardening work!

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

I adore pasta! Have you has Woodberry’s Spelt noodles?