Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fort McHenry

After visiting the B&O on Saturday we headed to Ft. McHenry. My history professor father had never been there before this trip but he could have told me a million stories from the War of 1812 to the Civil War. Tonight is the opening celebration of the new visitor center. I've heard they will have reenactments and fireworks. It is chilly so dress warmly.

Dad even told the park ranger a few things. We were standing on the ramparts. Dad was geeked about the land formations and told us they would take the impact of the bombs bursting in air. If you don't know, Ft. McHenry is where Francis Scott Key penned our national anthem, The Star Spangled Banner. He was inspired by the flag still waving after the British retreated. That actual flag hangs in the American History Museum in DC. This is the way the National Anthem should be sung at a Super Bowl.


I've been to the fort countless times. Dad told me that the star shaped fort was first designed by the French. It was cool hearing Daddy teach me the "strategery" of a star shaped fort. It is impenetrable. If you put a little latter on one of the ramparts and tried to sneak into the fort you'd get shot. The star points make the defender have a great advantage. If it was square the defender would have such a good vantage point.

The ramparts are very high. The man walking gives you an idea of just how high. The bunker also had magazines built into them for gun powder. It was wild seeing this huge cruise ship leaving the Port of Baltimore just beyond the fort.

The flag wasn't waving while we were there but I had a few photos from previous trips.

Did you know you can help change the flag every day around 4:10 pm?

 The Park Rangers are so knowledgeable.

I took these shots in December. This is the magazine where the canon balls and gunpowder were stored.

After our wonderful visit we headed to Gertrude's for a crab cake.

I lucked out. Doug made coconut cake with bourbon ice cream that day. He hand delivered it to the table with John F. Gilligan for a nice visit.

Thank you to all the military men and women who have fought and died for my freedom. Dad, thanks for the cool history lessons too. Doug, thanks for the coconut cake. It was amazing and I should have finished it at the restaurant. E. stole the rest at our house.


Pigtown-Design said...

I was on the board at FOMC when I lived in Locust Point. I always said that the Fort was my backyard. When there wasn't a breath of air anywhere else, you could go down to the Fort and set up a beach chair and sit under the trees and catch a great breeze, read a book and watch the ships sail by.

Doug Wetzel said...

I am ready for your local pastry chef battle with the chef from Woodbury!

Anonymous said...

Isn't the Fort such an inspiring place? I love going there on field trips with the kids!

Nelle Somerville said...

Meg that is awesome! I went to the Friends of Ft. McHenry party a few years ago on Defenders Day. I love that day.

Doug, you are too funny. You and Isaiah would be fast friends from Woodberry. Let me see what I can arrange.

Wendy, it's the best place for picnics and kids agreed!