Friday, March 4, 2011

Spaghetti Pie and Paper Dolls

We went to Woodberry Kitchen for brunch on Sunday with E's parents while Dad was in town.

It was so fun introducing Spike to everyone. I refrained from taking photos but took mental notes about what we all ordered. Adam and I had the country fried chicken. E. and Charles had E's favorite sausage and biscuits. Daddy had grits and andouille sausage. Jean had chicken and waffles. We all had coffee. Smile.

Everyone came back to Stone Hill and I cooked a casserole for a special delivery. One of my pals from book club just had twins. Janelle and Ron also have two other precious children. These births definitely called for a spaghetti pie. Another recipe adapted from my wonderful Aunt Nina's cookbook.

Start with a box of whole wheat spaghetti, cooked and drained.
Add two tablespoons of butter.
1/4 a cup of Parmesan cheese.
Chopped fresh parsley, about 2 tablespoons.
Salt and pepper.
Add one egg.
Toss together.

Add the pasta mixture to the bottom of a 9 x 9 Pyrex and press down to create the "pie". You can make a million different mixtures for the next layer. I like to use cream cheese for new Momma's. You could also use Ricotta, or low fat cottage cheese. Add your choice of cheese mixture.

I made a very simple kid friendly sauce. 3/4 of Bob Evan's sage sausage. Cooked, drained.
Two carrots chopped.
Two tablespoons of oregano.
One jar of Mom's marinara.
If you want more flavor add 2 cloves of garlic sliced while browning the sausage and a fourth of a cup of dry white wine at the end.

I dropped by on Monday night and brought Milo and Willa a few sets of paper dolls to keep them entertained. 

I was given Gideon to hold when I arrived. Joy! It was so much fun holding such a tiny little being.

Zeke was wide awake and so, so adorable. He looks just like Milo when he was a baby. Gideon looks just like Willa. I know only from photos as this was the first time I met the big brother and sister too.

I couldn't get enough of all of them. 

This is such a dark photo but little Willa was looking out the window at her new, gray, Odyssey mini-van waiting for Daddy and Milo to come back. Ron had just gotten their new ride that day. Janelle is the most entertaining Facebook poster and has been telling the tales of the new van on The Book.

Ohhh dear god I love this car!! Excuse me, this VAN!

She is one of the most wonderful, creative and funny people I've met in Baltimore. She's also the Lifestyle Editor for the Baltimore magazine. She did a photo shoot FIVE DAYS before she gave birth to the boys. Can you even fathom that?

Ron is also cool as a fan. I feel like we really got to know them at Susan and George's wedding. This is their whole precious family. When Janelle posted that she was having twins I immediately reached out to her. I was a nanny for two sets of twins one summer in college. There were five kids total! It was the most fun ever. The twins loved each other so much. They always had a play mate and were the best of friends.

It will be a crazy ride but so worth it. Speaking of rides...more van adventures.

well, this morning we made it all the way to milo's school ... got everyone out of the van .. into school ...dropped off milo and got everyone back into the van. phew. and later today we go pick up milo and head to frederick. might just throw rocks at the school window until they send him out.

seriously janelle- you truly make this look so easy. i have ONE child and a drinking problem now...if i had 4 i would be like Charlie Sheen without all of the sex.

I'm in love with Nina and haven't even met her. I am constantly entertained by these cute, funny Mommies and their banter on The Book.

Ron is a rock star juggling both fellas and Milo at the same time too.

So fun to see such a happy papa.

Being a good nanny and youth minister I pulled out my old bag of tricks and made some paper dolls for the kids. Milo got a cowboy with duster jacket. Willa got a little girl with puffy sleeved dress that looked remarkably like her princess dress. Zeke and Gideon got the twin love dolls. They are so easy to make and will give your little ones a few minutes of distracting fun.

Fold an 8 1/2 by 11 piece of paper three times. Fold it shorter side-wise, not the long and skinny way. Hope that makes sense.

Cut in half.

Draw out your gingerbread guy or cowboy. You will get the hang of if after a few tries. I've made paper dolls with braids, spurs for cowboy boots and just a made a king for Milo on the spot.

Cut out the outline.

I love how the hearts always form in the negative space.

This cowboy is a favorite of mine. I gave him curly hair for Milo.

Decorate and enjoy.

It was fun seeing the kids enjoy them after a long work day.

Janelle, I'm so glad I got to come and see you guys. I'm sorry it was so brief. Way to go rock star on getting all the kids in the car, out of the car and not loosing anyone. Serious snaps to you sister. Let me know when you want another meal. I'd be happy to hold babies ANY time. Ron it was fun seeing you after way too long. Your children are precious and you guys are the most awesome parents. Nina, I seriously can't wait to meet you. You make me howl with laughter. Susan, thanks for the intro via FB. Lots of love to you all.


Ella said...

So many sweet photos Nelle, you are such a wonderful nanny.

Nina said...

awww shucks make me blush. Can't wait to meet you either!!