Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tasty Town: Georgia

Thanks to Wendy and Twist of Lime for organizing the Your Town Tasty Treat swap. She paired us with other bloggers and people all over the country to swap out regional treats. We were to spend no more than $20.00 on a gift box that should arrive by Valentine's Day. I received this fun box on V-day from Bridget who is from Atlanta but went to school in Savannah, Georgia. She sent a cute Christmas card with the 12 days of Georgia and a box full of southern treats.

This cookbook was my favorite part of the whole gift and is an absolute riot.

I went to Miss PittyPat's Porch in Atlanta during a conference once. Bad idea. Way too touristy but hilarious non-the-less. These cream scones look pretty easy and have to be good.

There were pralines, a fruit cake, pear preserves, shrimp dip, a sassy apron and pamphlets for Savannah. E. was a little upset there were no peach preserves. He's a purest.

We shared the pralines at a dinner party this weekend. So sweet and delicious.

She packed the Braswell's Preserves in a koozie. Brilliant.

I'll look forward to trying this dip when it gets a little bit warmer outside.

The fruit cake is still in the fridge.

The same week my wonderful godmother sent me a box of old photographs from when I was The Bug. It was the best Valentine I could have ever received!!! Momma has called me The Bug since I was bitty and Mac is The Boss. There are pictures of them, dad's parents and even Dana Buchman from way back in the day in Memphis.

This is a photo of our kitten Boo Rufus up a tree. I wasn't even in the picture yet. Absolutely so cute and so little. I had never seen a photo of him this young.

I love this one with me and my Granddaddy on his birthday getting a new golf bag. He was a scratch golfer.

I've never seen this one with me and my uncle Johnny either. He was so handsome even with that crazy stash! Not sure why the photos turned red.

It was such a great package of memories that I will cherish.

I sent Bridget this Tasty Town Treat box from Baltimore and had the best time at Eddie's getting all the treats.

Utz are from PA but the crab seasoning is so classically Baltimore.

Berger Cookies, of course.

Everyone needs a little Old Bay seasoning. I love to add it to french fries and of course my favorite Gertie's crab cake.

I haven't tried the Baltimore Coffee & Tea Co, Inc. yet but this packaging was so cute I had to send it too. I also sent her Michele's Granola. A very expensive addiction E. and I can't  seem to break. But it is just so good and made in Maryland. I even sent her fig preserves from Stone Hill Farm. I had a nice bottle return on my Trickling Springs milk jugs so really only went over by $3.00.

I was given these cookies the first week I lived here  as a welcome gift from my mother's best childhood friend. Can you believe she lives just two miles up the street from us in Roland Park? Peggy's mother set up Momma's mother and daddy! She has exquisite taste and I was hooked immediately. Otterbein's cookies are great gifts. I get a tin at work every Christmas from the Maryland Jockey Club. I hope they weren't just dust when they got to Bridget. They are buttery and very crispy.

And finally I had to add a small bag of Mouth Party Sea Salt Caramels. This may have put me a few dollars over budget but I couldn't resist.

Bridget thank you for your wonderful gift box. I've been enjoying the River Street Sweets Glazed Pecans this afternoon. Harriett, thank you with the biggest resounding thank you for the wonderful, old photos. They were the best surprise ever.


Pigtown-Design said...

I'd have loved either package! But Mouth Party!!!! LOVE THEM!

Bethany said...

Mmmmmm Berger cookies! So good! My college boyfriend was from Baltimore and his mother ALWAYS had Berger cookies at home.

Love your pictures. You were (and are!) such a cutie.

Have a great day!

Ella said...

What a wonderful idea to connect people like that.

pve design said...

What a clever and tasty treat to get in the mail!
(and to send)

Hamptontoes said...

That must have been such a fun package to open. I enjoyed looking at your older photos.