Monday, February 14, 2011

My Valentine

My sweet man left me this gift for Valentine's Day this morning, on the front porch. We have two fireplaces at Stone Hill and haven't had ONE fire yet this year.

We met at Mandarin Oriental in January 2005. This photo was taken four months after we started dating and I knew that I would marry him after this trip to Lake Michigan.

Charlie, I love you more than my Tory Burch bag. You know the way to my heart. Thanks for the best Valentine's present ever. A fire in which to snuggle with you. See you later alligator. It's been a great six years so far. Happy Valentine's Day.


Tiffany from HOLIDAY said...

SO sweet - such a cutie patootie couple y'all are.

I don't know if you'll go back and read my response so I'll email it here...Mombo is actually what my sister, Bo, makes Stella call her b/c she thinks she's really Stella's mom. My mom is called Darling by Stella b/c somebody called her that endearment in passing and it stuck w/ Stella for some reason and so now that's what she calls her - it's really funny! We're a family full of nicknames...they call me Tippy.

Ella said...

That was the sweetest Valentine's gift I have heard of!

(We heat our whole house and got hot water from the firewood and now when it's -15° F outside we have to use a lot to heat the water tanks)

Happy Valentines's Day to you!

Lisa said...

Adorable pic and post as usual Nelle! Happy VDay to both of you!

Ellen said...

That cottage looks familiar! Happy 6th Anniversary of meeting, and Happy Valentine's Day! xo