Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Ten Year Anniversary Trip: Baby Nephews

Ahhh summer. You wonderful beast. It was over a month ago that we took this epic road trip and I want to be back in the car with my Charlie right this moment, now. August is the cruelest month, isn't it? I know some of you hate February. Nope. August. It's slow. It's hot. It's ridden with pollen and summer colds. August bums me out if we don't take our vacation during this month. So I will continue to over post the heck out of this trip and to mark the dog days of summer with fond memories. 

I'd like to be back with Baby Nephew teaching him how to play UNO. It's the best game for 6 year-olds. He and E really got into it. Uncle ChaCha (E, Charlie) is really the greatest uncle. His sense of humor really comes out with the boys. He reminds me so much of his fun and funny mother. These two were cutting it up during our sunset game. 

Pastel sunset two.

I want to be back with Baby Nephew II at the lake. He was on the verge of getting sick while we were with him which sadly cut our visit with them shorter than expected. But man this little guy is just the sweetest. He is going to be the heart breaker of the trio. He thanked me specifically for playing with him. They are seriously well behaved.

I took so few photos when we were all together. This is a great shot of the new house next door. Elise is the most patient and incredible mother. Meeting Ollie for the first time was the best. He is such a happy baby.

I love boys! Wild things. Rumpus starters. 

Coco came for the stay too. We missed my brother. He was traveling for a work trip.

Baby nephews, bug spray and BBQ.

Baby Nephew III was just taking his first steps while we were together.

Daddy brought out smoked ribs and a full BBQ for lunch the day we were with the boys. After lunch, Dad passed out Cuban cigars to Uncle Cha Cha and he an Andrew had another epic Uno battle. I heard E tell Baby Nephew that he plays to win. It was so adorable! Andrew then won and told Charlie, I also play to WIN! UNO!!!

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