Monday, August 7, 2017

Ten Year Anniversary Trip: Lake Michigan

We made it to the lake by this time in the sky on July 8th. It had been five years since we had been back to visit.

We have very little beach this year. I guess when Lake Michigan doesn't freeze we have very little beach. Global warming y'all. Too warm to freeze, no beach, no beuno. It's always interesting to watch the water levels rise and fall over the years. 

Our neighbors did some beautiful landscaping and now live at the lake full time. 

Sunset Selfie. I love that E puts up with me. We really fell in love at Lake Michigan. We spent two whole weeks with Mom after only dating for four months, 12 years ago. It's such a special place for us.

He and Momma always get a good laugh, usually at my expense. I love this picture of E making Mom laugh. We are so lucky we all love each other so much.

I'm convinced David was with us too. These little orbs kept popping up in many of my pictures. Did you notice the blue one (David's favorite color) in the very first picture?

After the sunset we snuggled in for puzzles and books, and no internet. Pure bliss.

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