Thursday, September 19, 2013

Big Bestie Birthday in Philly

Last Sunday, I found myself in Philly yet again. One of my dearest DC friends, Tracy, was in town celebrating a big birthday. She texted me on Saturday outside of Woodberry Kitchen and said, "I think I'm in your neighborhood. Meet us for a drink." I couldn't meet that evening but I did decide to crash her 50th birthday brunch with another one of our besties, Kathryn, in Philly the next day. I love how the universe works. Tracy's best college buddy, Katherine, now lives a mile from Stone Hill Farm and hosted Trace that night. My Kathryn, lives in New York. We all met at Trace's wedding 12 years ago October sixth. 

Kathryn set everything up in advance for us to meet at Parc in Rittenhouse Square. The Veuve was already on ice!!!

Tracy is a mom of two precious boys and all she wanted was a quiet luncheon with her oldest friends. I seriously felt so lucky that I could crash the party. We have so many hilarious stories from when we lived and worked in DC. Doing aerobics on the staircase of her cute college friends house is one I'll never live down. And I witnessed her husband dancing the sprinkler on their first date and knew he was the one for her immediately. 

Kathryn, in the green and navy, introduced us at a party she hosted when she sold flowers for Greenworks. Katherine, barely pictured (sorry babe) was Tracy's college best friend and they met in a speech class. The lunch felt a little Sex in the City cracking up and telling old stories!I love that I was not the only one in the restaurant to have my camera at the ready. There were lots of tables celebrating that Sunday morning.

Kath, Tracy and I all had a Mid-West connection and fell in love immediately oh so many 18 years ago. They both came to our wedding in Kalamazoo and I loved going to their weddings on Cape Cod and at Farmington in Charlottesville. 

Parc was such a perfect choice for this festival of life! Nothing like a perfect French baguette and glass of bubbly to get your next 50 years started.

This French brasserie was superb.

My Mussels reminded me of eating them for this first time in Paris with my French brother Jean Baptise. He taught me to use a spent shell to "pluck" the Mussel out, vs. a fork. I still think of Jibz every time I eat Mussels like this. I'm so grateful for my parents introducing us to France at a young age.

Our meals were all fantastic and the desserts were the star of the party. How luxurious is it to add gold leaf to your diet?

Apple tart and the beginning of salted caramel ice cream cream puffs!

The chocolate drizzle added the perfect touch.

These sparkler shots just warm my heart.

Tracy and Katherine

Kathryn, Trace, Katherine and me outside of Parc leaning in. 

Trace, here's to your health and happiness babe! I love that we have known each other for so long and each time we get together it feels like not time has past. Happy Birthday! Katherine, thanks for letting me talk the whole four hours of our round trip to catch up. You are one good listener!!! Kathryn, I'm so THRILLED we were texting the week before and that this just worked out so perfectly. 

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How sweet of you to crash the bday brunch! Those salted caramel ice cream puffs...yum, yum. xx