Monday, August 26, 2013

Red's Lobster Pot, New Jersey shore

We had the most beautiful evening at Red's Lobster Pot while on vacation. We asked around and heard fun things about this casual place on the water.

While taking photos of the incredible sunset, I met a family who had just ordered lobsters for the table. Lobster red is just one of the most beautiful colors on the face of the earth, don't you think? How obnoxious am I taking photos of someone else's food? They were so nice and I'm just that girl that snapped to my little hearts content.

Our food arrived just in time for the embarrassment to cease. I had the coconut crusted mahi mahi with pina colada sauce. E. had the fried seafood platter which I was very jealous of. I'm actually trying to get away from shellfish for my little healthy heart to stay healthy. We have a whole line of family members with the biggest hearts in the world, that don't tick so well. Shellfish is off the table for me sadly. The restaurant was BYOB and I had just happened to buy a chilled white wine for later at the B&B. It turned out to be a perfect night away from the boardwalk of Asbury Park and we scored with the wine.

I couldn't get over how magnificent the sunset was the night at Red's. My mother is notorious for taking sunset photos. Her roommate from college came up to visit at Lake Michigan and laughed and laughed at the wall of sunset photos at the cottage. Rebecca said that mother had been taking the same shots since she knew her in college. Sounds familiar! Mom is such a great photographer that you can buy her cards at the little shops in Glenn, Michigan! Love you sweet Momma of my heart. This picture makes me want to fly up to Michigan for the weekend and squeeze your face. 


Ella said...

I wouldn't say no to that lobster together with that wonderful sunset.

Hope you have had a wonderful summer!

Nelle Somerville said...

Thanks Ella! It was great and went too fast! Hope you are well. xoxo

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

Stunning photos! xx