Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Peonies and Cartwheels

Last week was peak for our peonies and those of our neighbors. As I said in my last post, I am not shy about stealing shots of my neighbor's flowers in Stone Hill. These deep pink peonies are also in our neighbor Ken's yard. 

The sun was setting as I took my photo walk for the evening.

Our yard was in full bloom last week with the azaleas, peonies and creeping hydrangea. The figs are growing so fast it's scary. 

Azalea sunset

I'm over the moon that our foxglove grew back and sprouted more babies. I had no idea they would spread. Check out my feed on the right from Instagram to see the progress this week. Yawn fest, I know, but this growth tickles me to pieces.

Our peonies are the same color of the flowers my bridesmaids carried in their bouquets. 


You need ants for peonies to open. Mom told me that a thousand years ago and I think of her every time I see these little insects chewing away at the peony leaves.

Our succulent garden is going gangbusters around the mailbox and our Shasta daisy's have twice as many blooms as last year. We split them and moved them around so the dirt had room to breath. I like to garden. I guess you could say I have a green thumb, but God truly gets the glory. This spring has been abundant and so, so green it makes my heart sing.

These creeping hydrangea's hid a precious robin's nest. That baby bird was in and out in less than two weeks. I swear. It was the fastest nesting period. I guess I just didn't notice them beforehand. 

Thank you Momma for teaching me fun facts about the garden. Thank you Charlie for obsessing over the grass. I would never care so much about the grass as you do. I love flowering plants and vegetables. Once again, you prove a great match in our ying yang Team Somerville ways. I love your face to pieces and want to do cartwheels in honor of you on your perfectly cut lawn.


An Eye for Detail said...

Oh Nelle... do not apologize for being a gardening "geek"!!! I can't get enough of it. And yes, thank you Mother for showing me the joys of gardening. I remember her standing for hours, hose in hand, watering the rose bushes,t he gardens etc. at sunset. Now I know the peace she felt while doing that "chore". Nothing pleases me more than being in the garden!
P.S. Those shasta daisies will take over: so watch out and keep dividing!

Guy hollyday said...

Your photography is superb; your garden is superb. Keep up the good work!