Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Rose Walk

After a very busy and wonderful weekend E. and I found ourselves in the back alley with our Stone Hill neighbors. Our neighbor Ken wasn't home, but I helped myself to visit his  amazing roses. I couldn't help myself! Every year they bloom with glory, but this spring has been so cool that his roses were in perfect form. Enjoy.

Guy and Pam's blueberries are doing well too! We have some very gifted green thumbs in our little village. Can't wait to see Nancy and Kristian's vegetables soon!!! 

Thanking all of the veterans today and everyday for our freedom. Especially my step-father, David, for serving in World War II. He passed away years ago but I think of him so often and especially on these patriotic holidays. We could play in our garden, visit friends, stalk roses due to David and other men and women serving. Thank you also Ken for your dedication to your roses. They are so stunning. Now I just need to learn the names of them.

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LPC said...

Glorious roses.

And here's to your stepfather. xoxox.