Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Lizzo and KC's Wedding Brunch

After getting shin splints from dancing so hard, we landed at Lizzo and Katy's childhood home for a post wedding brunch on Mother's Day. It was a gorgeous, chilly spring morning.

We were greeted by the most wonderful wedding present that KC and Lizzie got from her camp besties. They all grew up going to camp together in Canada and this canoe was a hand made gift from, I think, the same guy who made the boats at their camp. When Lizzie was a teenager I remember her saying that her one requirement of a good catch was that he knew how to stern a canoe. KC will learn fast I'm sure! The sisters both rowed crew at Harvard together, one year apart.

Lizzie is explaining the story of how the four camp girls have all given each other this canoe. Lizzo is the third out of four pals to receive this meaningful gift. So meaningful that the canoe was a big part of the photo session at the cathedral the day before.

Totally stole this from Facebook.

It was the perfect backdrop for this lovely party.

Rowing sports have always been a big part of the Thompson family. This scull hangs on the front porch to welcome friends.

The flowers from the night before worked double duty at the brunch. They were simply gorgeous in a sun filled home as well.

Warm frittatas, mimosas and coffee were just what this crowd needed after a late night of dancing.

They too have an enormous fig tree in the garden. Aren't the boxwoods and terrace swoonworthy?

The weather couldn't have been any more beautiful. I love that we are having a chilly spring. Everything is lasting longer in the garden.

The Cleary's!

Katy and Lizzo's oldest childhood friends Owen and Genevieve.

The girl's daddy is kind of a big deal in the art world. I remember him talking casually about having lunch with Jasper Johns once and I flipped out. Dodge is my version of a rock star. He is always so sweet to Eric and we were thrilled he and Lizzie were able to attend our wedding. One of my dearest memories is of a "museum march" on the fourth of July with Lizzie, Sylvia and Dodge. We went to seven exhibits, an air conditioned movie at Union Station, and later watched the fireworks from the National Gallery of Art's sculpture garden. It was one of the hottest days of the year but I will cherish the memories forever. 

I noticed an incredible collection of silver goblets in the dining room display cases that I hadn't seen before.

They are rowing trophies Dodge has been collecting for years.

Someone joked at the brunch that they didn't know this museum allowed parties.

It was wonderful seeing the couple and all of their friends and family one last time before we headed home to celebrate Mother's Day with Eric's Mom.

Again, wishing the happy couple many calm seas and lovely canoe trips together! Thank you for including us in all of the festivities.

Dodge we truly look forward to a museum march in Baltimore soon. KC, give your family my love. They are absolutely darling and I wish we had more time to get to know them even better. We may need to organize a Michigan tailgate meet-up. Look forward to having all of you, Katy and Andy too, at Stone Hill one of these days. 

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