Monday, March 11, 2013

Todd Cole turns 40

We celebrated our best man's birthday a few weekends ago in Maryland. Actually, a TON of weekends ago. Anyone still out there? Sorry for the quiet but have had some fun stuff happen as of late. More on that soon. Back to Todd.  I love how his mother kept this invite that his dad drew 36 years ago.

Warren and Todd Cole (can't just say has to be Todd Cole to the tune and vibe of Outcast saying "ICE COLD").

Todd makes fun of me because I take pictures of food and post them on Facebook. I don't mind. I don't read all the smarty pants newsy posts he puts up either. So there.

His mom hooked it UP in the food department. I was too busy enjoying the baseball sized crab cakes to remember to photograph them. The cakes were all from Ms. Desserts. This yellow cake with chocolate frosting reminds me of the cakes from Pollyanna. Is that weird?

How great is the biddy on the drums?

I sampled at least three cakes, have mercy. 

Kev and Charlie

Todd Cole's adorable family! His mother Carolyn and sister Kelly.

In most pictures of Todd Cole, he is pointing. Article A. our wedding. 

I asked all the friends at the party to point for the photo. The result was priceless! 

Wishing you many more happy returns Todd Cole. Thank you for being such a great and true friend to my Charlie. I think his nickname stuck because you laughed so hard. 

In other Stone Hill Farm news, E. and I are both WORKING full time, within three miles of home. We couldn't feel more blessed, challenged and encouraged by our new work. Thank you all for your prayers, patience and friendship over this past year. It has brought many new adventures, great introductions, deep reflection and rest. I personally feel rejuvenated and ready to tackle my new gig with such energy. I waited for the right fit which was very much worth it. Thanks again dear readers and friends.


Michelle said...

Congratulations on the new job!! Best of luck. Good things DO come to those who wait.
And the "pointing" photo is a riot, and perfect. You can tell from the joyous faces!

This American Wife said...

Love this blog, so much fun to read/visit.