Sunday, March 17, 2013

Mill No. 1 Behind the Scenes Part Two

A few weekends ago Eric arranged for us to go back to the Mill No. 1 project to check in on their progress. See our first post here from last November. It was a cold, winter morning. Last time we met with Jennifer Tufaro Nolley, this time we met with Steve Travieso, who works for the Thornhill Properties. The greenish/gray color is the parking deck on the first level. There is a large parking facility on property for the apartments and the restaurants.

The poured concrete building across the Falls has a second foot bridge now.

Jennifer painted this rendering that hangs in the sales office. You can see the umbrellas on the lower right where the restaurant area will be in the future. 

The view of the Falls from the north end of the building is the most serene.

We got to see one of the show apartments that is now finished. It would have been cool if they kept some of the exposed brick, but I think it would have been really chilly. The window seat is a nice touch.

The ceiling height was insane in the showroom. I'm guessing at least 13 feet high.

The kitchen was very efficient and the floors were made out of bamboo. The original floors on the first and second floor were too far gone to salvage, but I believe they are trying to reuse them on the third and fourth floors.

The breakfast bar wood is all reclaimed from the original Mill.

There was a gigantic laundry room and mud room off the front door for the sample apartment. Each apartment will have a washer dryer.

We saw a few sample studio/loft apartments. The light on the south side will be great for the folks who decide to rent here.

We went back to the elevator shaft that now has a floor on the second level. Each apartment on this side of the building will have a bedroom in this previous elevator shaft. The doors are too beautiful, but really damaged by weather. I sincerely hope they can re-use them in the space.

When you look up, the elevator shaft is still exposed to the elements. They are working one floor at a time.

I loved seeing this yellow line on the third floor. I imagine it was where people stood in the assembly line at the mill. Just a guess. There were 800 people working here in the 1860s when our home was built in Stone Hill.

When the walls start going up this space is all going to look so different. They laid out the space with studios, 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms based on the windows. They are alternating for the most part. Click here to see the diagrams.

The third floor lofts are going to be amazing. The space again is so high and you can see where they are building the loft in the above photo. They will all have skylights too since there are no windows that far up.

The floors on the higher levels really make you wonder what when on in that section of the mill. Were these scraps of metal hot when they landed on the wood floor? How did they get frozen here for all of these years? What made the marks? And what scuffed the lines in the floor? It's like a little mystery. They would be such a great conversation starter.

The few apartments on the west side of the building really would be the most fabulous. The view of the water is second to none. They have security manning the building at all times. We've seen helicopters patrolling as well. They will have a pool underneath where the officer is standing in this photo. It was hard to visualize, but look forward to seeing how it turns out.

Some lucky, lucky devil is going to get to live in this apartment where the builder signed their name on the beam in 1874, the year after it burned down. You can read all about the history here. They are going to expose this beam in the apartment. How cool is that? 

My favorite part of the tour was going up to the Clerestory on the fourth floor, or penthouse level. You can see it from our guest bedroom window really well! This structure was added to look more like the original building back in the 1800's.
The diagram above shows the apartment layout of the Clerestory. The kitchen and dining room area will be upstairs with windows on either side. The lower level will have skylights added over the bedroom. I can't wait until our next tour with this level finished!

You can see Stone Hill out these windows.

We still haven't heard what restaurants will be contracted for the space, but look forward to the announcement soon. They are anticipating their first clients to move in in May while the building is still being finished. 

Thanks again Steve for meeting us on your weekend. Can't wait for the next tour.

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