Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Johnny's, Roland Park

Johnny's, the latest restaurant in the Foreman Wolf family, opened today in Roland Park. I crashed a meeting E was having with some of our favorite coffee friends this morning. We, of course, had to make the pilgrimage because Lindsay (@Lindsaytron9000) is the head barista or "Coffee Auteur" as the menu reads. We have followed her from Spro, to LAMILL to Johnny's and couldn't be more proud. After posting a few photos on-line I was bombarded with questions asking where it is located. It is on the northern part of the block where Petite Louis sits and where the old Roland Park Deli used to be at 4800 Roland Avenue.

The skylight over the entrance creates a wonderful welcome. The coffee bar is to the right and the restaurant & whiskey bar is to the left. Yes, my darlings, Johnny's has an incredible list of bourbon and I'm dying to get a few friends together stat to check it out for dinner. I predict this will be the place to hang out for drinks to see and be seen by all of Smalltimore.

The coffee bar is bright and airy with high ceilings and windows. Patrick Sutton strikes again with his tasteful design.

Lindsay pulling shots with her protege.

I had to try to the banana muffins.

Lindsay suggested I try a Cortado. It's an espresso shot with half and half. A macchiato is an espresso with whole milk. Have mercy. It was calorically delicious and her apprentice gave me a little heart. Aw.

It's a great, casual space with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. I saw people with laptops and assume there is free wireless. (Update, no wireless.)

The bar space has a phenomenal, Irish pub-like feel. The original stone walls add so much charm you can cut through it with a knife.

I loved the galvanized steel bar caddy.

I see some of my favorite bourbon front and center. Who is with me? 

The space is much, much bigger than I imagined. There are three rooms with banquets and tables. The front area has natural light coming through the windows near the bar area.

The next room has a front and center view of the open kitchen.

The back room is tucked away featuring a mounted deer head and wine stacked in the center buffet space. It is so cozy and begs for long dinners with great conversation.

On the way out you can put change in the piggy bank for a little sweet treat. I can spare a penny for a gum-ball. What a darling idea for Halloween.

My coffee break was a bit of a tease. I look forward to going back soon for lunch, dinner and the happening bar scene very soon. Thank you Tony and Allison for the tour and for the great coffee and tea Lindsay. The space looks and feels so fantastic. We wish you all of the best success.


Baltimore Prep said...

Thanks for sharing your great photos! The look and feel of this restaurant is quite different from what I would expect from the Foreman Wolf Group and I am intrigued. Cannot wait to stop in!

Pigtown*Design said...

yay. another great place to go! i am glad that they made the new place look like the old one on the outside.

Anonymous said...

Had dinner there recently. Was terrible. Really had high hopes.

Nelle Somerville said...

Anon, they are still kicking the tires. Hope you said something and wrote comment cards. I think the first few weeks of an opening are toughest. I know they would genuinely appreciate the feedback. What time of day did you go? I've hit the coffee shop four times and really enjoy breakfast.

Anonymous said...

We were there for dinner. Had a four top and shared things to try a lot of the menu. Was all mediocre.

The service was bizarre. A waiter would ask if we liked a dish, and then lecture us on why it was great. This happened with two different servers, and it felt like they were trying to convince themselves.

Ashley Kristin said...

Hi Nelle! My boyfriend and I literally live right across the street and we've been waiting for a time to go check it out. i'm going to go for coffee alone until i can go there for lunch or dinner :) thanks for the review!