Friday, October 26, 2012

Book Club Beach Retreat

A few weekends ago I headed out to Bethany Beach for our annual book club retreat. It was wonderful to get to see the water, ride bikes, and enjoy some girl time. Is there anything more fun than flying a kite with your daddy on the beach too? Not sure who these guys were but the idyllic scene set the mood for the weekend.

We visited the beach a few times and caught a few weddings. The gray clouds would make the most striking backdrop for photos.  

I love going to the beach in the fall. The shadows are longer and the quiet is so restorative. My godparents had a condo in the same subdivision back in the 90s. 

The book club babes and I took a ride through the neighborhood and I knew I had been there before, 20 years  ago!!!

I caught this beast leaping off the boardwalk and sent the photo to his owners. 

I stopped into a real live, independent book store as well to look for our November book, which they didn't have in stock.

When I drove down early on Friday afternoon I took a side trip to Rehoboth through Dewey Beach. Any of my DC friends remember this little beauty? This was our rental house a million years ago that we dubbed "The Sixer". So named because there were six balconies. Good times with 32 of my closest friends.

Friday was the sunniest day. There were families swimming.

We stopped into the Henlopen City Oyster House for the best happy hour specials ever.

We found great seats at the bar and I had a delicious pulled pork sammie for $3.00!!! Wine was only $4.00. Thanks Janelle for the great suggestion.

My dream beach house would look something like this.

The fig tree in the side-yard was a bonus.

It was the last day for lifeguards on the beach too for the season. Made me a little sad to kiss summer goodbye but I welcome the fall with all of its glorious colors and chill in the air. I live for fires at Stone Hill.

Book club pals. We did actually read a book and discussed it. Nora Roberts Rising Tides based on the Chesapeake Bay. It was a very easy read and a different genre for this group, but fun nonetheless. I didn't realize Nora Roberts was from Maryland.

Thank you again Toby for your wonderful hospitality. It was the perfect break. Loved getting more time with all of the book club babes, especially Katiecakes who came down from Philly and got stuck in the horrid rain that blocked the road. Janelle and Cheryl, loved getting extra time with you at happy hour. Michelle, Toby, and Katie, dinner at Off the Hook, was just that! I'm praying for all of our East Coast friends on the beach. If Katie was diverted for a small little rain storm I can only imagine what Sandy is going to stir up down de ocean Hon. God save Dewey and all who may be affected by the storm. 


Maggie said...

This does sound like the perfect weekend! Much deserved, I know!

I owe you an email - will get there, truly.

girltuesday said...

I looooove the wedding photo. Beautiful.