Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Revel Atlantic City

We recently headed up to Atlantic City to put Eric's grandmother's home on the market. She lived 18 miles from Atlantic City. We took a side trip for lunch at Tony Boloney's and walked next door to see the new casino Revel. The lobby was massive with a galactic light fixture. I'm sure at night it looks like the set of Star Wars. I dug it the most and questioned if we were really in the AC.

These orbs are covered in a chiffon-like ruffle. 

The ladies powder rooms carried this fabric-covered-orb-theme through in the light fixtures. Yes, I take photos in the ladies room.

The lobby lounge furniture could be the potential location for a few issues; 1. Oiled up bodies returning from the beach slipping right off of these bad boys. 2. Potential pleather-stick-issues for anyone with exposed skin. Ouch. 3. Germs I'm guessing. There are a lot of swimsuits just yards away from the entrance. But let's move on.

The main lobby escalator lifted it's fair share of blue hairs who were ascending with high hopes to the Casino Level on the second floor. DC folks, this has a very Dupont Circle Metro feel to it, in that it is extremely long and very uncomfortable. Try taking photos on an escalator with a fear of heights. Maybe not such a good idea.

I was taken with this 2,800 pound mobile, that spans three floors, so the photo was worth the fear. It has nearly 20,000 pieces of aluminum attached to 650 different cables. I can't even fathom the installation of this beast but it is stunning. It reflects the light from the ocean and looks like a constant confetti party. We also visited the spa that boasts of 32 treatment rooms. We hope to return to take advantage of the great $75.00 day pass that allows you access to the wet areas of the spa, the pool and an opportunity to slip and slide all over the white pebble chairs in the lobby.

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LPC said...

Wow. That's some fantastic decor.