Sunday, April 8, 2012


We have been so lucky to hang out with our DC besties as of late. We went to DC for a fun weekend at home with the Plumridge's a few weeks ago. Hastings is getting so big and even more adorable if that is possible. She is such a happy and precious child. I love you in this photo Marge. You both look so perfectly happy.

She is into waving and has four perfect little teeth now.

She is pulling herself up like a pro. I've nicknamed her Stinger; Hastings, Sting, Stinger. We think it will be a banner name for her stellar soccer or tennis careers. 

I really couldn't take a bad photo of this child. Isn't her Cinderella dress just divine?

We stayed in DC with Marge and Scott on the final night of Downton Abbey and of course had to watch it. Love that most of my friends got as addicted as I did over DA!

How in love are we with this baby goddaughter? Totally, head over heels in love!!!

A week later we celebrated Marge's 35th birthday party in Dupont Circle at Darlington House. I only have iPhone photos that are a wee bit fuzzy. It was a fabulous party shared with another girlfriend who also turned 35. It was a Ball Masque. 

Hastings and parents came to visit us for brunch at Woodberry Kitchen the week following. We have lucked out with lots of love from the Plumridge's in the last few months.

We had this darling dress monogrammed for little Stinger at The Monogram Shop here in Baltimore. I think it turned out so beautifully. E. is dropping it off to the little lamb today in DC.

We love you little one and feel so lucky to have one of our godchildren so close! Happy Easter! Love, Aunt Nellie and Uncle Charlie


JMW said...

Ohh, what a cutie pie! I miss cuddling with a baby this age. Then again, I'm actually getting sleep these days, so I won't complain. :)

Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

Worthington said...

I love the monogrammed gown you got her! And of course the Cinderella dress is just the cutest thing ever. She really is beautiful.

ERB said...

I had brunch at Darlington House the last time I was in DC and it was great. That monogrammed dress is too adorable!