Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter

I have a bunny fetish. I bought chocolate bunnies yesterday at Whole Foods and this bunny stand off in our kitchen makes me giggle every time I pass by. I believe the yellow bunny will win the stand off since we can't eat him. Chocolate bunny, I'm sorry but you are going down!


This bunny obsession is not something I share too much with people for fear of getting a house full of weird bunny figurines. I'm a bit obsessed with Herend bunnies and have a few bunny napkin rings and such but try to keep it understated. However, I can go nut bags on Pinterest and have created a Lapin Love board for all-things-Hopsy. Enjoy!




Via Pinterest
He looks like he's praying!

Forced Apple Blossom's from our fruit tree with bunny ornaments.

Wishing everyone the blessing of the Easter promise that Christ died and rose for you. Bunnies and eggs represent new life, multiplying, and abundant just like God's love for us. Maybe that is why I'm obsessed!

Camera upload/download situation is still a bit wonky, please excuse the fuzzy iPhone photos. More to come soon. Happy, Happy Easter and hope all of my Jewish friends had a great Passover as well. I would love to attend a seder one of these days. We are looking forward to a nice day with family.

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