Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mrs. Claus Bar Crawl

It's the Holiday Season...and I'm a crazy woman. I simply have to share photos from the Mrs. Claus Bar Crawl when Katiecakes came to town however two weekends ago. Em, was kind enough to deck out some bows (Craft Club second order of business) for our hair. She inspired me to don some festive sock-wear and play Mrs. Claus elf. E. and I were sick as puppies that weekend and didn't last at all. C'est domage. The scene was a stitch!!!

First, a Marie Antoinette Mrs. Clause with working snow globe. Oh my God! Talk about crafty. She made the whole outfit. 

The Mrs. Claus' illuminated all of Hampden and we happened to partake during the Fraizer's on the Avenue stop. Wow. The bartenders were so nice but my gosh the waitresses were rude as snitz-fanny!!! Get over yourself and smile people. You have a packed bar with women singing carols and bringing you TONS of business. Have mercy!!!

It was a sea of red velvet and hot babes dressed up as tricked out Mrs. Clauses.

Ho, ho, HOOOO!!!

Texas Katie had a fun spin with cowgirl boots and flowers in her hat.

Honestly, do you think Santa would ever leave the North Pole if Mrs. Claus wore this sassy uniform. Thank goodness the real Mrs. Claus is a zaftig woman or none of us would get any presents!!! Dayum.

The highlight of the night was watching Katie and her cute beau dance.

Spotted: Natty Boh and Katie's cute purse on the same table. Atta girl Katiecakes.

Oh the twirling!!! 

Cheers to Katie and all the Mrs. Clauses for such a fun night. I'm just sorry we couldn't rally to see you in the Mayors Parade. Megtown caught a great shot and didn't even know it was Katie! Notice the costume change. Wishing everyone the best in managing all the details of the season. Remember to smile, especially when wild and crazy women burst into song in your bar!


Pigtown*Design said...

LOVE the picture of Katie and Victoria!

Wasn't expecting to see Katie, but that must have been why she was waving at me!

Jenny Campbell said...

Great story about a fun night. Glad you could join us!