Thursday, December 8, 2011

Green Trees

The craft bug bit pretty hard last week. It inspired me to visit my favorite Martha Stewart's  craft section of her website. When I saw a way to be green and crafty at the same time I was game.

What you will need for green trees:
  • assortment of magazines in different sizes
  • boning tool (otherwise known as a "boner" at Stone Hill)
  • spray paint, white, gold, silver suggested
  • glitter
  • cellophane 

Start with an old magazine and begin by breaking the spine. I used a Baltimore Magazine and an Everyday Food to have two different sizes. I look forward to using a few Wine Spectators for taller trees.

Fold the pages down with your boner. I know, I'm hilarious. Is anyone reading or do you just look at the pictures? I caught myself saying, "Honey, have you seen my boner?" Died of laughter because I think I'm so funny. Moving on...

After the first fold to all the pages is done your tree will look like this.

Then fold the folded page one more time so it looks like a man's tie.

This final fold has to be completely flush so the tree will stand up straight. You tuck the little triangle into the pocket of the fold.

I spray painted this tree white and sprinkled hot pink glitter for a very special girl who lives in Hampden. Hot pink is our village's team color, if you will! I wrapped them in cellophane for our sweet friend's first birthday.

Happy Birthday Jemma! We love you. 

Thanks to Emily for meeting me at the Charm City Craft Mafia Holiday Heap for our first official meeting of the Charm City Craft Club. I saw so many fabulous gifts and have more photos to come. Susan and George, thank you for inviting us to celebrate Jemma's first birthday. She is such a precious girl and we are so lucky to live so close to you all and watch her grow fast!


Bethany said...

What a cool idea! Love this!

Pigtown*Design said...

Hey! These are my neighbours! Jemma LOVES Connor!

Nelle Somerville said...

I LOVE that Meg!!! So Smalltimore.

WendyCinDC said...

Love! In my next life, I want to be you!

DietCokeStraightUp said...

This is such a cool idea! Love it!

emily rose said...

The trees look fabulous! I will definitely try this project over the weekend.