Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Spa at the Four Seasons Baltimore

While the dust was settling last week in Harbor East, I snuck away for another visit to the Four Seasons to visit the spa.

The treatment rooms have a relaxing foot washing ritual that reminds me of Maundy Thursday. I grew up with massage as a big part of our family life. Only when I began my job at Mandarin Oriental DC, six years ago, did I truly understand the luxurious experience of massage at a spa. There is a ritual in five star hotels that I wasn't privy too at the hippie-earth-mother massage studio of my youth.

The "wet" areas are a big part of this ritual. You begin or end your treatment in the wet area. The space at the Four Seasons has relaxation hot tubs in light filled spaces. One for men, and one for women.

The heated lounge chairs are there for you to relax and wait for your therapist to arrive.

You may also wait in the tea lounge.

The locker rooms have my all time favorite luxury; Digilock's! I love not having to worry about bringing a combination lock or bulky key lock to gyms or a spa. I judge gyms by this feature. Is that weird? My husband is in the boutique spa and health club industry so I've been a little bit spoiled.

There are color therapy showers in the couples suite and the ladies and gentleman's lounges. Green is my favorite.

When Eric and I had dinner at Wit & Wisdom we took a quick stroll through the couples suite. This was a very important tour just in case a certain someone may want to book a romantic retreat one weekend, are you reading Charlie? The foot bath ritual is also performed in the couples suite.

It was fun seeing all of the unfinished details pre-opening at the spa.

Artwork will be coming soon and is from the Washington Color School from the 50's and 60's. It has a very modern feel with bright pops of colors.

The dust was literally swirling days before opening. It's amazing to see the transformation and how quickly the staff were able to put everything in it's place and wipe away any spec of dust. I was there this weekend and all of the art is up and the space is completely finished.

Each treatment room has it's own private shower as well.

This room had it's own private soaking tub with a great view of the Inner Harbor in Baltimore.

Espa is the line the hotel is using in their spa. I was very familiar with it as this brand is also used at Mandarin Oriental. My favorite tradition before having a facial or massage is the sensory test. The therapist let's you smell three scents. The scent you can smell the most has a deeper meaning to what your body is in need of. I thoroughly enjoyed my facial and look forward to returning. The location would be great for a getaway for a bunch of girlfriends visiting in town. How wonderful to have this luxury just miles away from Stone Hill. Welcome to the Baltimore!


An Eye for Detail said...

Looks absolutely heavenly! Just give me a call: I'll be there!
Merry Christmas Nelle: hope you have a wonderful holiday...

Kristin said...

I'm there (well, that is next time I'm in the area)! Bliss awaits. Kristin

annechovie said...

Thanks for the tour, Nelle. Looks like it's going to be a perfect spot for luxurious relaxation. Have a wonderful wknd. xx