Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Philadelphia Farmers Market and Utley the water dog

I'm so behind on posts but want to stay chronological for our holiday week. Bare with me as I fight with my computer to send fun updates on our second day in Philly and our week in Asbury Park.

After the fireworks in Philly we met Scott and headed back to Katie's apartment. We had to take a photo of her gigantic staircase. That is Katie waving at the top. I could hear the soundtrack to Rocky playing in my head as we hauled up these great steps. Man.

We had a very fun night and at one point I misheard something that led to Katiecakes now having another nickname, Tex. Scott was saying something about a text, but I thought he was calling Katie, from Texas, Tex...so it stuck! 

The next morning I woke to see yet another mural outside of Katie's apartment.

Her place is just fabulous with Morning Glories climbing on the railing.

Her outdoor art is wonderful too. She befriended so many artists when she was at the American Visionary Arts Museum and has quite the collection.

Isn't this bird house just the coolest with Vollis Simpson's mini whirligig outside the perch?

I can't remember the artist's name but love this pink guy. It was on her balcony at AVAM.

We knew Scott was in the house with his signature bow tie key fob.

After Katie's beautiful brunch we descended the staircase for our next adventure. I don't think the photos do this bad boy justice. Katie basically won't have to join a gym due to the stair-master she has to encounter each day upon arrival home. I remember calling Scott the day he helped her move in and he was out of breath for most of our conversation. Now I get why! So nice to have such a great best friend!

Too bad the Tarte shop was closed. Our workout justified a sweet treat.

I was taken by these darling "flutterbies" on the awning of this shop.

They were made from aluminum cans.

Katie and Scott were sweet to wait for me as I kept snapping photos. Eric is so used to me lagging behind now that he knows I'll catch up.

We were making our way to the Philadelphia Farmers Market. I couldn't get over the wonderful streets lined with flags and bunted windows. What a fun city to visit during the Fourth of July weekend.

We stopped in for a quick pre-market coffee at Bohdi where the guys were very keen on  the bar stools. Two minutes later a couple walked in that E knew from DC. I love how my husband knows someone everywhere we go. 

We arrived and I noticed the flutterbies beat us to the market and were drawn to the light. The space was beautiful with a long narrow gallery of vendors.

Each stand was more beautiful than the next with rustic baskets, burlap sacks and of course the star of the show, the produce.

I simply must do a painting of this gorgeous head of lettuce. Seriously, is that not the most beautiful object?

I snuck in a Love Bar purchase for our anniversary prize. These babies are gluten free and vegan. 

The display was gorgeous with real cacao beans. I had visions of the movie Chocolate.

We bought cherries and blueberries for our drive up to Asbury Park.

It was a gorgeous market filled with great and creative flower vendors.

Each vegetable looked so beautiful. You go God!

Yellow Beans



Zucchini and Squash


The flowers and vegetables, albeit gorgeous, were overshadowed by the cutest thing ever. Utley, the water fountain loving dog. Watch the video. Katie and I couldn't stop giggling.

He loved the water so much that he was whining to go back one more time in this photo.

His owner let him play one last time for the day. What a delightful end to the market.

My Daddy suggested we go to Bookbinder's for dinner. 

Sadly we found it had been closed for what looked like a long while. This was one of the oldest seafood restaurants in the country.

George and Benjamin's busts were on the outside of the restaurant. 

The place was empty other than an old cash register in the window.

We had one last group shot, thanks to the self timer on the camera, at Sassafrass.

After our last toast we were off to Asbury Park for our week vacation.

Tex, you are the honey in my bourbon love! Thanks so much for the hospitality. Scott, thanks for the great company as well. We will see you both very soon!

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