Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Papa wanted to be a Pip and Daddy's on a Midnight Train to Georgia

Since Uncle Charlie has been busier than a one armed paper hanger I have had to keep myself busy during his late nights. Our dear friends invited me over for a casual soup dinner last week. Mind you, soup at James' and John's house is not your ordinary run of the mill soup. It was the most awesome Greek Lemon Soup from the Silver Palate Cookbook and one I haven't tried yet. You've met them before here a few months ago. Their kids are still beautiful and just a joy. Miss E. and A. were in the youth group we taught once and were the best behaved kids on the block!!!

When I arrived James gave me marching orders to assist with some chopping of parsley, lemons and butter in the newly updated kitchen. All were to be neatly displayed in ramekins. I poured milk into a glass jug and cider into a fabulous ceramic pitcher. God forbid a carton of milk land on this beautiful table.  I love when I'm invited to help in the kitchen. It makes me feel so at home. We were called to the table and James dished out this perfectly wonderful soup and I pulled out my camera!

I brought fresh bread from The Wine Source that Carrie reserved especially for me. I've been when there were just crumbs left on the bread shelf and I was left sniffing all the way home sad, and hungry. Better to be safe and call ahead. Thanks again sweet Carrie!!!

My plan was to do a step by step of this recipe but I have also been a bit busy and haven't had the time yet. So the lesson will come in a later post.

A. had just gotten back from fencing class and was excited to tell us about his day.

Miss E. and I had an impromptu salt and pepper etiquette class where Papa and Daddy chimed in. If someone asks to pass the salt, you also pass the pepper. Salt and Pepper shouldn't be separated. No idea why but I feel like there is a rhyme and something about the two being married to each other. You should never catch the two in the air. You must let the passer place them on the table before you can use them. No idea why. Also, never, ever, ever use the salt and/or pepper if you've been asked to pass them, before you pass. Rude

Daddy gave everyone seconds the soup was so good. I love the Le Cruset Dutch Oven in the classic "flame" color!

Papa tried to keep Miss E. from drowning the salad in vinegar. She is a fool for vinaigrette this child. She would drink vinegar straight from the bottle if we'd let her. I could eat her with a spoon. When she goes missing they will know to come knocking in Stone Hill. Both of their children are wonderful, but it is no surprise, so are their parents.

At every dinner table in the world, parents are probably embarrassing their kids with the least bit of effort. I hope one day to embarrass my future children singing in a restaurant and reliving the story at the dinner table!

Papa, I know you'd make a better Pip than Jack Black but thought this was too funny not to post. Keep on singing you darling family. James, for A.'s sake remember those aren't Grammy's but Emmy's you've won! Thanks so much for the wonderful meal and fellowship. We look forward to having you all at Stone Hill soon.


Anonymous said...

You hang out with the coolest, most eclectic people. Your friends are a bi-racial, homosexual couple with children. How unique and fabulous! How can I get invited? So what were the Emmy's for? More info, please Sweets!

Ella said...

Really enjoyed both videos, you seems to have wonderful friends.

Cindy said...

Nelle!! I just tagged you on my blog post... I hope you will play along. xo