Friday, January 7, 2011

Milk and Honey

E-Boogie and I went to a new spot last weekend in Mt. Vernon after having brunch with friends at Little Havana's.

Milk and Honey is on Cathedral and a great natural food store in the city. E. loves his granola and yogurt for breakfast and they sell his favorite brand in large containers here.

The space is so pretty with tall ceilings and old tiled floors.

They have a case with charcuterie too! My fave. I really think I could live off cured meats.

They also sell beautiful cheese and dried bean mixes for soup.

I spied my favorite pink bows and knew that Mouth Party caramels were on sale at this cute market. I've said it before, but these caramels are absolutely delicious. I've now made my grandmother an addict.

The prices are comparable to the other deli's in town.

There is a sweet little seating area with a wonderful view of the Episcopal Church across the street. Great for coffee and the paper after church. This shop is such a nice addition to this part of town.

 E., you always know the cool new spots to visit. I love your face!!! Happy Birthday to my sweet Marge. Wish I could play with you today. Alas off to Vegas. Can't wait to post all the crazy things about that wild and weird city.

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Pigtown-Design said...

LOVE milk and honey! when i was a kid, it was an old-timey pharmacy with a soda fountain. So glad they're using that building again.

and LOVE mouth party. was recommending them to a friend today.

have fun in vegas!