Wednesday, December 30, 2015


I started a new job, almost three months ago, at MICA . To say it is my dream job is an understatement. I was an art major at Ripon College. Went to DC for a semester in the Arts at American University and had been told by countless friends I needed to be at MICA. I'm beyond thankful to my friend James for putting this thought in my brain a little over four years ago. I can hardly believe how much I love this place in such a short time. I'm now the Assistant Director in the Office of Events. Blending my love of art and career as an events planner; can this be real?

Do you remember this post from Vegas? One of the first things I noticed was the Art-O-Mat in the cafe. I love these things. For five whole dollars you can get a piece of art. They are recycled cigarette vending machines.

When I left my beloved Kimpton Nation many didn't understand why I would ever leave because I loved that job so much. Planning weddings is my jam. They don't stress me out and it was seriously the most awesome experience to help families plan one of the most memorable days of their lives. I also learned so much about social media and ran the @monacobaltimore Instagram account as part of the Kimpton Social Squad. But MICA had been calling me. It took a while but I'm so thrilled I was patient. The Main Building is gorgeous. The school opening in 1826. This building was built around the same time that the Hotel Monaco location/B&O Railroad headquarters was built in 1906/1907. Carnegie's bust is on the facade as he donated the money for this building. It has a gorgeous Tiffany Window ceiling in the main court.

There are gems hidden all over campus.

Main Court

Under-croft in Main.

Photography and anything to do with paper and printmaking make me swoon.

Maybe I'll pick up a paint brush again.

The Brown Center opened 11 years ago. It's the most show stopping building on our campus. See a full map here.

Howard Street bridge view from my office. I've always called it the MICA bridge to friends driving in from DC.

MICA: This is Baltimore from Post Typography on Vimeo.

We live blocks away from campus. We've seen the changes that MICA has brought to our community in the short eight years we've lived here. Most visibly on North Avenue. I won't try to communicate these details but will let our President's words inspire you from his recent Op-Ed post in the Sun this past week here

From Visit Baltimore eight years ago to MICA now, it all makes sense why we moved here. The stars keep aligning. Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and Merry New Year.

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