Friday, December 18, 2015

Golden West

Golden West. It's our go-to night out during the week or when we get back late on a Sunday night from a weekend away. The recent updated decor makes the whole space feel like a new restaurant. They added a garage door in the front, a waffle window that allows guests to order outside, and freshly painted paint-by-number mural on the back wall. I covet the little red lamps over the booths. The menus are still printed on vinyl record covers. It may be the hippiest hipster place in all of Hampden but the staff are actually nice to us.

Our favorite booth is under the Paint-by-Number Last Supper.

There aren't a lot of great Mexican restaurants in Baltimore sadly. But the chips and guac at Golden West are pretty solid. They also have fantastic vegetarian options, burritos and tons of beer offerings for Uncle Charlie.

The chips are thin and taste like they are fresh out of the fryer.

E and I always split the chicken fajitas. See the hash browns peeking out from under the fajita goodness? It reminds me of covered and smothered at Waffle House late night. Delightful.

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