Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Coffee Pilgrimage; Quills, Louisville, Kentucky

Hey y'all. We had a pretty fun trip this past weekend traveling with some of our dearest friends to Kentucky for pre-wedding fun. It could have gone terribly wrong, but no one was hurt, or suffered terribly with 21 guests in the same general area for three whole days. I'm ready to get back together with these fun friends in another few weeks for Katie and Tony's wedding in Philly. But before we get to those adventures I have to start with our first stop...naturally.

E. and SDM walking.

I had SO much fun with Scott! We could have driven each other crazy, as our personalities are so similar. But we had so much fun. Sure, I may have asked one too many questions at lunch and being chosen class photographer on the last day did annoy me a tiny bit...but all in all, this anxiety prone Nellie was pretty chill. And so was SDM.

When we knew we were flying into Louisville for our Lexington, Kentucky trip I reached out to my social media buddy Emily from Today's Letters who I trusted deeply for a good coffee pilgrimage recommendation. Isn't that what you do? Reach out to your social media peeps? If not, you are doing it wrong. She had just been at Madcap in GR AND got to go to Bell's Brewery in Kalamazoo. Love. HER. I have loved her Fist Pump Friday pictures, her gorgeous Instagram feed and to round out my social media crush, Em's Twitter feed is pretty boss. Her honest approach to her husband Tim and her faith is beautiful and that is when we really bonded about four years ago on the Interwebs over underoos, or some such fun. 

(Around the world to tell this story)  So I sent her a note saying we were coming and could I hug her neck in person and kiss the Brave one. Alas, the little went down for her nap just as we were landing so we only go to text in the same state. But she mentioned we were to ask for a gifty upon arrival. I mean. Could you love this woman any more? I think not. I only wish we stayed at her AirBnB? But we had about an hour in Lou before we headed to Sexy Lexi. So we were tickled with the coffee gift and truly hope you visit in Baltimore in the nearest future. 

Quills is darling, very kid friendly and on Baxter Street. When I got out of the car I had immediate deja vu from a college trip to the Kentucky Derby where we landed at a bar on Baxter. I of course then texted Amy Parkdog to giggle about how old we are now.

We had the blacksmith espresso Cappuccino as suggested by the barista. As she put it, the cap stayed hot for just the right amount of time while you drank it. Something that doesn't happen while drinking a latte. I'm switching it up kind barista. Thanks for the tip.

If you want a beautiful coffee blog, follow this one

Dear Emily,

Thank you for your wonderful spirit and generosity in your fair city. I'm sorry we didn't get to clap eyes on each other but will look forward to another chance encounter in the future.

Lots of love,
Nelle, Uncle Charlie and SDM

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Today's Letters said...

Sweet girl, you have me blushing! So thankful you got to venture back to Louisville. Next time you're staying in our loft and we're walking to Quills #nomorenotes #onlyhugsandfistpumps <3 <3 <3