Monday, August 11, 2014

Charm City Cakes Bronycon Class

In keeping with my New Years resolution of the "year of creativity", I'm saying yes to anything where I can use my hands artistically. I seriously lucked out when Mary from Charm City Cakes invited me, via Instagram no less, to the Bronycon Cake Decorating class. She posted something about a family from Australia who signed up for the class, knowing nothing about Bronycon. See here and here for more information on this generous and kind group of people who have flown into Baltimore the last few summers for the "con".

The ages of my classmates ranged from 16-55. This fellow and his Pinkie Pie back pack, kind of says it all. Bronycon is for Bro's who like My Little Pony. But it's not just for bros. Women fans are called Pegasisters.

I knew nothing about costume play until Otakon hit the Baltimore Convention Center. Bronycon is very similar, but with much friendlier, and more colorful costumes. Don't get me wrong, Otakon has some seriously colorful characters. I just saw many with swords and daggers who represented Anime. Our fearless teacher Mary asked us to sketch when we first arrived to get an idea of what and how our cakes would look like. She reminded us to be frugal with our creativity as time was of the essence. 

We were given all the tools needed to make a kick a$$ cakes in two hours.

The lovely Mary.

The Aussies who signed up and were attending another conference.

Mary made it look so easy.

Measure your cake with the rolling pin so you know your fondant will fit.

Then you "robe" the cake. Pressing the air bubbles out of the fondant and pulling it gently as you press down the sides, working in a circle. Seriously, way harder than it looks.

Then we went to work. We got to pick our fondant colors and mixed it ourselves.

I choose Rainbow Dash. She flies and has a rainbow. How great is that? I've never seen an episode but Mary sent me a note asking what Pony I wanted to make. Naturally I created a Pinterest board for inspiration.

They baked the cake part for us and gave it to us with a crumb coat. 

I may have overdone it choosing Rainbow Dash. I had to mix all of the colors of the rainbow. It was awesome though and I got it done in 2 hours.

We even got to use the airbrush station. Seriously, it was so much fun! I brought the cake to work the next day and it was layered with, you guessed it, Rainbow!!!

There were three of us who picked Rainbow Dash.

Mary and Charm City Cakes I can't thank you enough for such a fun evening!

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