Saturday, July 27, 2013

Rock Star Cupcakes

This photo sums up the love for my big, strong, sensitive Charlie Bear. (Sorry Babe, you are just too cute for words.) He's carrying my newly purchased artwork AND a cupcake on a rainy day during our vacation in Asbury Park. We stumbled upon this clever cupcake shop on the main drag on Cookman Street the first day of our trip. Just when we thought we had seen all the cupcake shops imaginable, this store seduced us with her little pink boxes and not-too-sweet confections. E said that his oREO Speedwagon was pretty good. I saved my calories for salted caramel ice cream.

The pink walls begged you to leave your mark, like a rebellious youth. There was an apron signed by Bobby Flay, framed from some Food Network turnover show that filmed here. 

Aren't the CD signs adorable?

The place brought back memories of 7th grade "fun nights" at St. Monica's. 

That night we rocked out ourselves to English Beat at the Wonder Bar. The small venue was perfect for my partner who hates crowds. 

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