Thursday, April 14, 2016

Cape May Easter Sunday

Hail Thee Festival Day! Katie and I woke early for the 8:00 am service. I sang Alleluias in the shower to try to wake up the house to no avail. There was no singing at the 8:00 am sadly. But they lit every single candle in the joint. I'm so glad we went to church but we both missed the songs desperately. E is so lucky I love to sing. I sang hymns all the way home to Baltimore that morning.

We had brunch at Congress Hall in the Blue Pig. This place really reminds me of The Grand Hotel with the giant US flags. God Bless America.

I love the Kate Spade-esque kelly green and black lacquer shiny paint. 

I did NOT steal the napkins, even though they were steal-worthy. They have them for sale at the gift shop.

Most of the table ordered the farm fresh eggs from the mean chickens at Beach Plum Farm. There was a dollar up-charge for them.

The Easter baskets lined every window. It was the most glorious spring morning even though it was still pretty chilly.

Hope everyone celebrated a lovely Easter after restful, prayerful Lent's. I again could not be happier that I found St. David's for my Lenten pilgrimage. I met such wonderful, thoughtful people. Thank you Scott, John and Dan for such great adult forums.

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