Friday, January 8, 2016

Grand Rapids GRAM

While in Michigan we always try to take an adventure outside of Kalamazoo. I know it's crazy after a 12 hour drive (usually it's just 10) but E loves to travel and I'm most often up for the journey. We headed to Madcap for our annual pilgrimage. The chairs seemed new and I'm coveting them. We missed the owner Trevor again but he always says hey on social media.

I don't recall having croissants here before. They are ginormous and were up there with best, most flaky croissant ever. I have been weening myself off of coffee. My heart can't take the caffeine any more sadly. So I had a gorgeous subtle carrot tea while E had a very generous flight of coffee from around the globe.


After our leisure breaky we heady across the street to the GRAM. I'm serious when I say I don't know what I would do if my husband didn't enjoy galleries and touring museums. I had wanted to take E to Chicago for a one night stay at my beloved Kimpton family of hotels. The morning of this trip, we were packed, ready to head out to Chicago and I just couldn't do it. I couldn't leave the baby nephews plus I had the start of a terrible sinus infection. So we headed north to GR and all was right with the world. 

Portrait of Miss C. by William Merritt Chase. This piece is incredible. The contrast of the red background with her white gown. That coat with the pink lining. It's timeless. Her confident smile. She could be besties with Lady Mary.

The signature was most beautiful and the broad brush strokes draw you in as well. Well done Mr. Merritt Chase. Well done.

This piece was very large. It transitioned from a photograph into a quilt.

The main exhibition was a retrospective. I forgot to take pictures because we were so engaged in the show. There were magnifying glasses to truly inspect the tiny etchings. The blue color of the walls and the artwork were framed in warm wooden frames. It was gorgeous. We truly felt invited into the pieces. If we had gone to Chicago there is no way we would have had this much personal attention with each piece. The galleries were nearly empty, sadly, but lucky for us in GR.

Judith Ann Braun. If you haven't seen her works click here and here to watch and learn more about her.

Ellsworth Kelly died the day after our visit. The museum staff had just put out this royal blue linen on the table for a welcome table. Color. Ellsworth Kelly helped me fall deeply in love with color. Rest in peace fine master of color.

Thank you GR. We love stopping by once a year.

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