Saturday, June 14, 2014

Nesting Dolls

One of my resolutions at the beginning of the year was to use my hands more often in the name of art. I did finish Baby Nephew's teddy bear on the plane to Memphis in March. I checked one handsie-creative-thingy off the list. Inspired by a post from a friend on FaceBook after re-reading this article, "OMG, Twins! I had my second creative outlet idea. Nesting dolls for the most adorable friend and her precious family. Sam Bosma's nesting doll artwork was so awesome, I had to recreate it in my own way for her. "I will make you nesting dolls if it's the last thing I do," were my approximate words on her post. I even watched a short piece on Russian Nesting dolls during the Olympics to get motivated. But it was a totally blank slate and it took me forever to start. And another forever to finish. Do I paint them first, then draw? I ended up drawing first, then using colored pencils, sharpie pens and acrylic paint to finish. There are so many options but in the end I loved showing the wood.

Janelle is a book club friend. Read the article. She wrote it for the Baltimore Magazine. It's hilarious, well written and honest. I was one of her friends who was excited about twins! I was a nanny for two sets of twins with 5 kids total ALL UNDER 6 my freshman summer of college. Twins rock! Yes, they will never let you sleep at night, but during the day they actually keep each other company, are best pals, and the closest of secret keepers. Janelle documents her family in the most delightful way on Instagram @momoffour30. Follow her. The boys are want to sleep and jump in and out of each other's crib as of late. Hilarious from the reader's point of view, devastatingly annoying from the mommy and daddy's bedroom I'm sure.

Janelle always wears these shades. They are so her and this family photo is the perfect representation of their adorableness. Don't you want to be friends with them? We are so lucky! They are so cool, laid back and laugh at parenthood vs. bitch about it.

Stole Ron's whole look from this cool anniversary present Janelle found on Etsy.

I stalked their FaceBook pages to get ideas and draw their faces. Ron's is my favorite because it has the farm they visit on the back. It was just so fun to draw again! Why don't I do this more often. It's such a great outlet.

Wonder Willa with her princess dress and pink princess crown.

The twins were the Wild Things for Halloween and I just had to give and ode to Max and the Wild Thing to Zeke and Gideon. I love how the eyes turned out.

Milo is a little rock star with a guitar on the back. Janelle is the Editor of Baltimore Bride and the "Love" project was perfect for her doll. Now looking back through my orders I can't find the link to the actual place I bought them but Google nesting dolls, and find the number you want. This is pretty close. Very fun project for a rainy day with your actual kids too. We love you Diamonds!

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