Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mast Brothers Chocolate


If you have graced the halls of any fine, independent coffee shop on the East Coast you have most likely been tempted by the seductress that is Mast Brothers Chocolate. I had my first bar at Shot Tower Coffee in Philadelphia a few months ago. The mouth feel is like a French kiss on a cold day. Seriously, this chocolate gives a new meaning to the food porn craze that is sweeping the nation. The flavor isn't too sweet (soft food porn) and lets the marriage of chocolate (74% cacao), almonds and sea salt come to the forefront of your palate like any good and solid partnership.

The company is based out of Brooklyn and was started by two brothers. This video celebrates everything I love about all things old becoming new again. You can sense these founders love of art in every detail from their bars, the shop design, and to their personality in this video. I'm convinced you can taste love in their chocolate. The flirtation begins with their hand wrapped packages. The artwork alone is like a coquettish wink. Rip open the butcher paper and memories of winning the Golden Ticket flood your childhood chocolate factory tour fantasies. 


If you have yet to experience this small batch pick me up, Artifact Coffee in Baltimore carries the little devils. Thank you Mast Brothers for hitting on so many childhood memories, while making a damn near perfect bar of chocolate. I look forward to visiting your chocolate factory. And as the beloved brat Veruca Salt demanded, I want one now!


Ella said...

Hi Nelle, have missed you very much!
Thanks for sharing this wonderful video. It was vey tempting and as you said the shop design and paper was adorable!

Nelle Somerville said...

Thank you Ella! Always wonderful to hear from you. I need to visit your site more often but have finally been very busy. All the best from Baltimore.

Worthington said...

I love the Mast Brothers chocolates. They are wonderful. I love the wrapping especially, as they are fun to tuck into gifts!

Anonymous said...

I want to make a craft! I have a huge crush on them and their take!