Friday, June 1, 2012

Baby Nephew First Haircut and Swing

Baby Nephew got his hair cut for the first time a few months ago. The photo above was taken on the same day. He looks so different! Mac has been the best brother in the world and calls to "FaceTime" with Andrew ALL THE TIME. If you don't have an don't walk to get one so you can video chat with your peeps all over the world. It is seriously a gift from God to be able to feel so close to our sweet godson oh so many hundreds of miles away. Snif.

He calls me Aunt Nana and E is Uncle ChaCha! Oh my gosh is that the limit?

Coco and Andrew on Easter morning.

I can't get over his red hair! My mother's mother had gorgeous red hair. 

We hate that we are missing these milestones like the first hair cut and first swing but Mac has been such a pal in keeping us updated and close in touch via texting and phone calls. We love you brother! We miss and love your face Baby Newphew Godson!

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Ella said...

What a sweet little man he is! I know what you mean, my youngest Nephew is four weeks.