Monday, January 24, 2011

Woodberry Meeting

Tech support is down for Stone Hill Farm as of late. Tech support is now my new nickname for Uncle Charlie. He is in the middle of opening a new club so we are both on a "blog break" because he's been using the computer at all hours of the day and working 24/7. However, I do have a few photos from a Woodberry Kitchen meeting from a few weeks ago that I must share. The meeting was all business next door at Corradetti to confirm details for a glass fusing class and a way cool coffee cupping for visitors coming to Balitmore for the first time. After the meeting my colleague and I saddled up to the bar with our pal Nancy for snacks that turned into dinner. I started with the most fabulously organic dirty martini I've ever tasted.

Nancy's beau of a thousand years, Christian, was sitting a few seats away and we made him snuggle in closer for the good food and conversation.

Nancy is the events manager at WK and suggested the most amazing nibbles. We shared the Pear Flatbread which was featured in Bon Appetit. As many times as I've been to Woodberry, I have to admit that I had never tried this flatbread. It was amazing. The mustard was the most unique touch and tangy surprise.


Sweet Potatoes


We were there before opening and the staff was undergoing their nightly meeting to go over the menu and I snuck in to hear a discussion about corn bread with Isaiah. The staff is getting used to my camera.

I love the behind the scenes discussions and fact that Woodberry Kitchen is always pushing their recipes and quality of product. I didn't get the final vote on what the best recipe for the cornbread was but I trust they will choose the best one.

Nancy suggested we try the Beef Tartare.

She also insisted we have the sugared pecans. They had the most divine smoky essence.

The perogies were outstanding with their WK home made sauerkraut.

I was even allowed to take the staff Bar Barometer 101 quiz that night and got a "Not To Shabby" from Cory, the mixologist. I think that is equivalent to a C+. Maybe it is a good thing that I don't know too much about alcohol to get an A+. Did you know that the staff are tested on their bar and food knowledge at Woodberry Kitchen? 

My favorite dessert  at WK is always the deep dark chocolate pudding.

We also shared a new dessert, Isaiah's take on a Take 5. That is a pretzel on the top of peanut butter ice cream, on top of the chocolate covered chocolate cake, over a caramel schmear and peanut dust! Alleluia chorus....high fives...and fist pumps galore. Uncle Charlie and I split one during our NYE dinner and it was to die for delish.

Thanks Nance for the great meeting and dinner party. Our clients said the Coffee Cupping was hands down one of the neatest events ever done on a FAM trip. Big ups to Allie for her coffee passion and amazing education. Loved hanging out with Christian, and the team at WK as always. Also loved that I got to show my work colleague d. our home away from home! I have so much to learn about coffee. I hope to sneak in to another class soon.


Ella said...

That chocolate pudding in my hand right now, oh what a dream!

Nelle Somerville said...

Wish we could have a coffee and pudding date Ella! You would adore this restaurant.

WendyCinDC said...

Delish! I had my first Take 5 from Tucker's Halloween bucket this year. Winson laughed when I bought a full size bar at CVS a few weeks later; it's really good b/c it is a bit of everything. Love living vicariously in your 'hood through you.